A Date at the Corn Maize & Cyber Monday

Top: F21
Chambray: Target
Pants: F21
Boots: Addisons

This weekend Kyle and I went on a date to the Corn Maize.
The weather was SO gorgeous.
My sister & brother in law went here last week & said it was a lot of fun,
 so we decided to go!

We got there right as the sun was starting to set,
so of course I couldnt help but take 1 million pictures.
But I'll only share a few of the 1 million that I took.

Kyle's such a trooper when it comes to letting me take pictures.
Sometimes he's difficult, but I think he's pretty much learned
that it's easier to just do it than deal with me being cranky if
he doesnt cooperate haha

He even let me take this cheesy, romantic, engagement looking picture!
haha I had no idea it was going to look EXACTLY like an engagement picture.
Whoopsieeee ;]

We held hands and walked through the maze,
and got lost a few times.

I really wanted to steal some corn,
but Kyle kindly reminded me that they would escort me out if I did.
fun ruiner
It was sooo gorgeous there!
Unfortunately this was the last weekend that they will be open
for the year, but we will definitely be going back!

Happy Cyber Monday!
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my Boutiques Facebook Page
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  1. Why are you two so cute?! That looks like a lot of fun, I never get to do fun stuff like that with my guy! haha. I am really loving that outfit Monica, so cute!

    XO, Kelsey

  2. Well aren't you just adorable! Such a cute outfit. Not to mention, you two are just precious together :]


  3. Y'all are too adorable! & which corn maze did you go to? I want to make a note to go next year!

  4. Aw, how fun! Could you be any cuter, girl! Loving your entire outfit!
    xo TJ