Calling all bloggers, I need a little help!

Well heyyyy,
I hope yall had a great thanksgiving!
I think I might still be in a food coma...
but that's okay, I'll do some pilates later...maybe...maybe not.
We had a great thanksgiving day with family & friends.
Always happy to see my big sister! <3

But anyways...
I just wanted to share something with yall & get yalls advice!
As you all know, I've finally got my boutique up & running.
and yall can shop & follow here & here

I'm about to make my next big purchase & I need yalls help.
I made an album on facebook titled "Pass or Purchase"
This is what I need you to do...
Go to my facebook page >> Monica's Closet Essentials
and check out the album "Pass or Purchase"
I've listed things that I'm thinking about ordering, 
but want to make sure a variety of people like the items & would buy them.
So if you like an item type "purchase"
and if you dont like an item or wouldnt buy it, 
or wouldnt pay the price I have listed, type "Pass"
This would be SO incredibly helpful!
and this way I'l have a better idea of what people are interested in buying.

Have a great Friday and long weekend!!


  1. Oh your boutique is so cute! How can you purchase other than Facebook? I don't have one anymore. Thanks..

    Please stop by and say hello at starsstripesandamilitarylife.blogspot.com


  2. I would love to help you out!
    & I would love if you came and checked out my giveaway!

  3. Hey girl...helped ya out a little bit on your facebook page. For some reason it rejected my comments on some. You've got lots of great selections!

  4. Your sister is gorgeous just like you! I liked your FB page & will be sending my opinions soon! :)