Craft Days are fun.

Sweater: SheInside.com
T shirt: Shopconversationpieces.com
Leggings: Victorias secret
Loafers: Target

[Apologies for the awkward outfit pictures, I didnt have time to take real ones.]

So as I mentioned to y'all last week,
I've got some big plans in the near future. 
I really really hate to keep yall waiting but it's coming SOON, I pinky promise.
So anyways, I already gave yall one hint,
And today I'm giving you another...kind of...but not really,
It would be a bigger hint if we actually finished.
But anyways.
Men are great.
Why? you ask.
Because they build things for you...
 in the heat, in the dark, in areas infested with mosquitoes, 
all without complaining.
That my friends, is why I love my dad and boyfriend.
Here are a few pictures of them in the process!

Unfortunately we didnt get to finish it completely cuz it was getting late.
But theres only a few litttttlllleeee things to do and it'll be done!
Can anyone guess what it's going to be?!
I seriously cant wait to announce it to everyone!!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Clothing rack??? The suspense is killing me! :)

  2. How exciting!! The best I can come up with is a hanging rack of sorts.. But I don't think that is it. (:

  3. I think someone is going to be opening a boutique!?

  4. I bought that sweater from ShiInside. I really wasn't impressed but I knew it'd be a time trying to return it though. Do you like yours?

  5. I want to come visit this little creation you're making. That's all I've got to say.

  6. Can you just tell us already?! Lol I think a clothing rack???