Let's Pinterest.

Top: F21 [old]
Jeans: TJ Maxx [Brand: Celebrity Pink]
Boots: Addison [Brand: Breckelles]
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Since everyone a little tense today...
I figured we'd focus on something that we all love & can agree on,
And that's how great Pinterest is.

So I'm linking up forrrr.....

Let's talk about hair & makeup.
The 2 things that I love but am worthless at.
I have never been able to apply eye shadow...in my life.
& I have never been able to do my own hair, besides just curling it.
I've tried every tutorial & youtube video but still cant seem to master either.
So I guess I'll just sit back & wish that I could do things as cool as these girls...

Obsessed with her makeup...so gorgeous.

Will this help me? I feel like I would look like a clown. 

I wish I could do my make up like this every day.
So natural and pretty!

I've gotta teach myself how to do this!
It looks so dang simple...

Let's talk about up-dos.
I love wearing my hair up, like seriously LOVE it.
But I can never do it in a way where I still look put together 
& not like I just woke up or have been sweating for the past 3 hours...
I've GOTTA try these looks.
I looooovvveeee this one!
Someone show me how to do it myself!

So cute.

Yup, I would do this everyday.


Have a good day yall!!


  1. girl, make up is so easy once you get it down..
    i love that last eye picture you posted.
    youtube will be your best friend, there are so many tutorials.
    that is where i learned to do my makeup

  2. Well screw Pinterest because I'm just loving those colored denim pants you're rocking. No need for makeup tricks when you're already so naturally pretty. Rock on chica!

  3. your outfit is so cute! and i love all the braid pins. i wish i could braid my hair like that!

    happy wednesday! xoxo, sarah grace

  4. stopping by from the link-up & also your newest follower! I am the same with hair and makeup, just can't master it. But I have been pretty successful at doing all the cutsey braid up-dos, Keep trying!

  5. I've been studying those makeup contouring tutorials lately so I can do my own wedding makeup. It's crazy how they can go from tjid random streaked face to Kim Kardashian.

  6. Don't worry, you're not the only one! I fail at doing my hair and makeup. I try, and try, and try some more.. and somehow it never turns out quite right haha! I don't know if I am just weird or just suck at doing hair and makeup. Haha!
    Cute outfit!

  7. You look so pretty! And I am with you- I have completely given up on my makeup and hair!