Linking up - It's okay!

It's okay that I did absolutely nothing for Halloween,
Because I'm somewhat of an adult therefore sitting in my sweats eating ice cream is acceptable.

It's okay that I have to drive 4 hours today to get the rest of my clothes,
Because my clothes are worth it & I get to see some of my friends while I'm at it!

It's okay that I want to take a hammer and chainsaw to every electronic device right now,
because technology is mean.

It's okay that I'm taking a huge risk for this business I want to create,
Because I have faith that it's going to work out, 
and if I dont take a risk than I'll never know what could've happened!

It's okay that me & Kyle live in the same city again & still never see each other,
Because we are busy little bees & it makes the time we're together THAT much more enjoyable.

It's okay that my hip is in extreme pain every time I try to jog,
Because now I know that I've been way too lazy lately & I'm going to get my sh.. together.

I hope all of yall had a happy Halloween,
and ate lots and lots of candy!

I was one of those people...
You know, the ones that turn off all of the lights in the house
in order to avoid to trick or treaters.
Yup, guilty.

I was exhausted, and enjoying myself some junk food and tv.
And I was perfectly happy about it.

Have a great Thursdayyy!


  1. annnd it's ok that im still not over halloween, right!?!? i just love it :) hope your hip gets better!

  2. i did nothing either my love; i worked .. awesome.. not

  3. We invited trick-or-treaters with our porch light and a sign from our complex...we got a whopping TWO! Made me so sad :( Remember the days where we would go trick-or-treating and people would be all over the neighborhood?? I can't believe how lonely the streets looked this year, those were awesome memories!
    I want to know what your business is!! You go girl!

  4. I found your blog via pinterest where i was oogling the outfit you were wearing, needless to say i have been obsessed reading your blog! We are so alike its weird! Reading about your relationship and college/life worries really reassures me that i am completely normal, and makes me stress a little bit less because im not the only one who freaks out over not knowing what to do with their future. So happy to have found your blog, and you are amazing girl!

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  6. I had to take my boys out trick or treating, but when we were done we turned off all the lights, locked the door, and hid out at our neighbor's house haha! That night I smuggled a lot of candy in to bed and probably ate way more than I should have.. whoops! Ugh, technology sucks sometimes. You are starting up your own business? I want to know all about it!! Doing what?!