The good old days.

I am SO glad that I finally got to reveal my surprise to y'all!
I have been sooo stinkin anxious all weekend, haha!

and if you missed the big reveal...
you can check it out HERE!

How was everyones weekend?
Mine was spent with Kyle back in our old city.
His not so little brother had a basketball game there, so we decided to go watch.

It was kind of sad leaving it...which surprised me.

But I started to think about everything that's happened there.
Like me and Kyle meeting each other...
and having a huge crush on him freshman year...
and forcing him to be my boyfriend...
and going on our first dates...
and going on last minute random vacations...
and staying up all night playing baseball with an umbrella and brownie mix...
and going to haunted burnt down insane asylums...
and making our own rice crispy treats...
I could go on for a while,
but dont worry I won't ;]

But geez I didnt realize that our entire relationship has been in that city!
But change is good, and I am SO proud of him, he has been loving his new job.
Thank God.
and I am loving being back in my hometown.
I think I'll really be happy once I get my boutique rolling,
and start getting consistent buyers.
(hint, hint)
just kidding...
but really...

But back to the me and Kyle thing...
I figured I would share some of our VERY first pictures together!
we look so young!

Those were the good old days.

Happy Tuesday!!
It's soooo close to Thanksgiving, yay!


  1. aww, so cute! and congrats on the new shop - verrry exciting!!

    fashionable footprints

  2. I am so excited for you about your new shop!
    Aw you guys are so cute together! Love the pictures :D
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving ♥