Where does the time go? and Where do these people come from?

Top: Hollister (super old)
Vest: Charming Charlies
Jeans: TJ Maxx

Okay, everything needs to just slowwww down!
Thanksgiving is next week already?!
I have SO many things going on in the next few weeks/months 
& days are just flyingggg by!

I've also been sick the past few days :(
Colds are never fun.

Next topic.
So I'm one of those people that gets really angry at TV shows...
And when I say I get really angry,
 I legitimately want to karate chop the person in the throat that's pissing me off.

So last night I started watching this new show "Extreme Cheapskates"
And this little asian lady is literally a freak.
Like she's GOTTA have something wrong with her.
Meet Kate.
I want to punch her in the face,
and in a few moments you'll understand why.

She has a full time job as a CPA, so she's not poor.
but she's a cheapskate...
and by cheapskate I mean she hasnt bought new clothes (or underwear) in 15 years,
she's never bought furniture, all of hers is from a dumpster,
Her "bed" is made of old yoga mats she found in a dumpster,
She tries to avoid paying for food...guess where she finds her free food?!
Want to punch her in the face yet?

It get's worse...
she refuses to flush the toilet...
so she was generous enough to give us all a detailed description
of what exactly she does to clean herself after using the restroom.
yes, this is real life.
She sat on the toilet as if she was going to the bathroom,
and showed the entire world how she cleans herself.
Dont worry I wanted to throw up on everyone also.

so anyways...this lady is clearly crazy,
and I was nice enough to only give you a small portion of her weirdness.
And I cant believe I spent an hour of my life watching people like her.

But anyways,
I hope all of you thoroughly enjoyed this random post,
I'm still sick, it's been 5 days now...boo.
But Happy Wednesdayyyy!


  1. I haven't even heard of this show ... I will have to check it out lol! Cute vest also!

    fashionable footprints

  2. ugh i watched her episode. so gross

  3. Love that vest! AND BARF! I wish I could cut back a little but NOT that way! Anymore on your surprise?

  4. Ew. Just Ew.

    And Feel better! I've been sickies too, no fun! :(

  5. LOL! I watched that show a couple of weeks back, I could nt beleive the people on there. Hope you get better soon!

  6. UHHHH!!! I watched that too! The worst part for me was when she fed her guests dumpster dive food. So GROSS! Haha!I freak out on the tv all the time too!

    Love your outfit!

  7. I agree with everything you said until you got to crazy Kate. I have had a cold, times flying by, and I get so emotional with tv shows! Yelling one minute, crying the next when something else comes on. I haven't been blessed yet with watching Kate... but I think I might go try to find that episode now! haha. Love the outfit Monica!

    XO, Kelsey

  8. I love your vest! Did you get it recently at Charming Charlie's? I'm always looking for a cute vest :)

  9. What! Oh my gosh! Why would that lady do that on TV?!

    I don't even want to see a video of it! Gross!

  10. Haha totally watched that episode too! I was cringing the wholeee time!!!! What in the world is wrong with these people and how does she still have a job????

  11. omg she DOES sound freaking crazy! I would punch her in the face...hard lol. Smack her into reality

  12. Wow lol. I suddenly don't feel so bad about my refusal to purchase cable/satellite service due to being able to use hulu plus and netflix for $20/month.

  13. I too wanted to punch her in her cheap face! Lol my husband and I thought her dumpster food "medley" was hilarious! She put it all in one pot instead of warming it up seperate. I'm with ya she was weird!