Why am I not on the show "Half Ton Woman?"

So I couldnt think of anything to post about today...
and then I realized I had a draft in my posts....
So I clicked on it to see what it was....
and this is what it said.

"why am I not on the show 'half ton woman'"

This pretty much sums up my feelings right now.
Aside from making me giggle, it made me realize that I need to get it together.
I cant even remember the last time I had a fruit or vegetable.
I'm paying for a gym membership that I havent been to in weeks months.
And my diet consists of
 pizza, chips, ice cream, grilled cheese, bread, cokes, waffles, peanut butter
and a million other things that really arent helping me get that 4 pack I've always wanted.

Thankfully I have good genes and I'm not obese like I deserve to be.
butttttt even though I can eat all this crap & still manage to be small
I kinda feel disgusting.
Well sometimes, sometimes I love it and take it all in,
 and eat like I'm 9 months pregnant and on steroids.
But for now I'm feeling a little grossed out with myself.

Butttttt here's the problem.
I'm living with my parents for the time being.
And they have all of these yummy delicious foods all over the place,
so even if I go buy something healthy, I see a pizza or a bag chips & go straight for them.
So what's a girl to do?!

How do yall overpower the fat girl living inside you,
and reach for the carrots instead of the sour cream & onion chips?!

Tell me your secrets.

I've also been trying to find a new skincare routine.
I have really sensitive skin & am always kinda scared to try something new,
but I need a changeeeeee!
What's yalls go to face wash/moisturizer/etc?!

Happy Wednesdayyyy!

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  1. MONICAAAAA! luv u girly. I read your blog all the time so I might as well comment every once in a while right?! heeheeeee. Anyway........I can tell you my willpower secrets! Take it from me....I've had many a year to practice willpower considering I don't have the metabolism of a 13 year old sprinter like YOU do!!!

    Anyway. Maybe you can help your parents make the grocery list? If you get them involved in better habits, you can all do this together! But even if you do that successfully, there will still be times when you are tempted by junk food. The best way for someone to get willpower to resist tasty foods is to think about how it will affect you in the FUTURE, not just five seconds after you're done eating! For example, we are young so junk food won't affect us as much as it will when we are 30. So....in order for our 30 year old self to LOVE us (her past self) we need to get into healthy habits now! That way, we won't have to start changing the bad habits after it's too late, and we are gaining weight after a cupcake.

    Obviously that's much easier said that done. But if you keep that in mind when you're reaching for that bag of chips, it REALLY puts things into perspective! Also.....think of how much better you'll feel inside AND out if your insides look just as good as your outsides! One perk is that you actually HAVE energy to work out! If you need any advice on grocery lists, I'm your girl...just shoot me a text! LOVE YOU

  2. I have the same problem. I decided after thanksgiving I'm gettin back with it. I broke my foot in September & have too been payin for a membership & not using it. I started eating right on Sunday & feel tons better. My husband is still laying on the junk food & I just think at least I know I'm not gonna hve unattractive burping or an upset stomach after I eat this apple. It also helps that I feel guilty about wasting the $50 for a month membership & that I've wasted almost $150. Or just think that I will be in a bikini in 15 days and need to suck it back in a little. Hahah! I will be hitting the gym today for te first time since September! Yay!

  3. I started using Dermologica... and it's AMAZING. they even have a special line for sensitive skin. Seriously the best stuff

  4. I had to move back home for a couple months and I swear I gained 10lbs because there was so much good food and dinners every night. I just try and buy healthy and avoid the junk all together and that really works for me. I wish I had your genes! You look good for eating mostly junk (I hate you!! Not really haha). For the skincare, I use Simple brand and it's for sensitive skin and it's pretty cheap.And I love the smell! I get it from Walmart.

  5. Ahhh I'm in the same boat! Although I'm petite I feel gross and flabby. I need to get back in the gym. But I have been eating healthy lately...a food diary really helps!

  6. Yeah whenever you come across the secret to not choosing the tummy unhealthy foods justtt let me know. Because, like you, I'm still small even when I eat crap but I still feel icky and a little doughy instead of firm ya know. A few veggies might help.

  7. face wash: philosophy purity. It's amazing!! I have sensitive skin too, but this stuff is perfect. I use it everyday and it never dries my skin out.

    I have the same problem. I'm small but I eat terrible foods. I want to go to the gym, and I have enough time but I dread it so bad. I know if I would just make myself go, I would eventually enjoy it but I just don't have the drive. I really should go, because I'm what is known as "Skinny fat." I'm size 2, wear size small clothes and only weigh 125 pounds but I have a high % of body fat and don't look so good when I'm not dressed. It makes me sad :/ I don't even need to lose weight, just tone up and I can't find the motivation. What is wrong with me? lol!

  8. It is so good of you to figure out that even though you don't weigh a ton that you need to start taking better care of yourself! That metabolism of yours won't necessarily always be there :-) Mine has been packing its bags the past few years... I used to eat anything I wanted and now well, I still eat some of what I want but when/if my pants get tight, I hit the gym religiously for a while and all goes back to normal. I think the thing that keeps me going back to the gym/workout dvds is remembering how you feel when you don't work out( you know, this soggy, blob feeling) and how great you feel when you do! I love food too much to live on carrots but if you focus on getting some good stuff in you each day, there won't be as much room/desire for chips etc. Also, if you spent 45 minutes doing an insanity workout that morning, you'll think twice before reaching for a second handful of chips :-)
    As for facewash, I use Clinique mild cleanser- I have super sensitive skin ( like my eyes swell shut when I use other products) with Clarisonic. It shrinks your pores and makes your skin baby soft, win win!
    Hope this all helps :-)