Well goodmorning my beautiful friends!

So since creating a real website from scratch
takes a lot of time and effort and computer skills.
(which I dont have)
I've decided to take the easy route...

I am SO thankful my sister introduced me to this site.
Because now buying will be so much easier for yall!

So my big announcement is that I have 
made a temporary website for my boutique!!
This way you can buy directly from the site rather than
getting a hold of me through the facebook page.
I will still take orders from the facebook page,
and I will still be posting new arrivals & everything that I have in stock
on there.
As well as doing the "Pass or Purchase"
that helps out a ton, so I know what to buy for my next big purchase.
So dont go forgettin' about the facebook page!

Here is the website, so come on over & visit!


  1. Another blogger I know has a boutique through them! So glad you now have a site since I don't have a Facebook. Will be ordering soon! HVe a great day!!

  2. That is so great!! I am on my way to check it out now :D