Just 2 completely different subjects.

First off, my thoughts & prayers go out to all of those affected by the 
tragic events on Friday in Connecticut.
I cant even imagine the amount of pain all of those families are going through.
After being in an elementary classroom for most of my college life
it was SO hard to even think about if something like this were to happen
to those little ones that I built such strong relationships with.
Those beautiful children are all in Heaven happier than ever now.
The adults truly died as heroes and will forever be remembered for their brave acts.
With that being said, I will continue to pray for these poor families
who lost loved ones, because even once the media & everyone stops talking about it,
or something "bigger" comes up.
They are still left with the pain,
I am extremely grateful that we have such a powerful
and healing God, that can comfort these families in this time.


Big surprise, I didnt have a blog post yesterday.
When did I turn into such a lazy blogger?
Like I used to blog every.single.day.
Literally, even on the weekends!
Well that Monica is gone now.
and now you have the crazy, lazy, a million things to do all the time,  Monica.
Dont worry though, She's pretty great too.
Today I'm going to be super original & share what's been going on
over in my instagram life.
Which I have TWO of.

(but today I'll only be sharing my personal one)

@Monicaleeee Instagram lately.
Just shipping some packages!!

Just hangin' out with my favorite little 4 yr old! 

Just obsessing over this tattoo location.
and getting one there asap.

just a little piece of Heaven

Just this great bicycle scarf I scored at Old Navy
Just a little family ice cream outing.

I havent seen Kyle in over a week and I'm gonna go see him Wed night!
We're gonna go look at Christmas lights together 
& hold hands
& be stupid
& laugh a lot
& hug
& be real real happy.
That's all.

Have a great Tuesday!!


  1. Super cute scarf! Its a really pretty color too.!

  2. The bike scarf. That is legit, I like that.

    And how have I not been following you on Instagram?! I'm off to find you :)