Let's talk about my need to change my hair color every other month.

Jeans: Kohls
Boots: Addisons

Hellooooo cooler weather, It's about time you showed up!
A cold front finallllyyyy came in last night and I couldn't be happier!

It will probably be gone after about 2 days...
but hey I'll enjoy it while I can!

Let's talk about hair color.
So I'm that girl that likes to change up her hair style every other week.
After chopping it off to my shoulder (maybe shorter) a couple years ago
I vowed to NEVER ever do that to myself again, short hair was not my thing.
So I'm not really looking to change the length,
more so the color.
I do this thing where I NEED a change every few months.
This is actually the longest I've kept a hair color in a while.
and well, I'm gettin' kinda bored with it.

For a few days I wanted to go Ombre, like this...

Soooo pretty! Right?
But my hair is a lot thicker than hers so I dont think it would turn out as well.
And I'm scared of getting a really harsh line if I do ombre.
So I chickened out of that.

Then I started missing my natural hair color.
Which is like a dirty blonde.
Kind of like this, but I know I cant dye it this color,
and i'll hafta wait and let it grow back out.
Nottttt patient enough.

So then I found this picture of my girl, Miranda.
and I'm kind of weirdly obsessed with this color.
The only problem is that I'm not really sure what color it is.

I really have NO clue what I want to do with my hair.
But I know I need to change it up,
what do ya'll think?!
Should I be brave and try ombre?
Go back to my natural roots?
Try out Mirandas color in that picture?
Hellllppppppp I need a change!!!



  1. Be brave!!! Do the ombré!! You will never know until ya try, and you can always dye it back :) I do the same thing with hair, only I always have the need to change the style... Chop it off, grow it out, repeat. Ugh! Guys have it so easy!

  2. Im so excited to be your 500th Follower! I love to change my hair every six months, but would not recommend the ombre. I had my hair dip dyed blonde for a few months over the summer and it got old fast. Miranda's color is amazing,anything with a hint of red is a good look for us brunettes.

  3. My friend is getting married Sat and she just showed up with it that red color and ombre. It was so pretty and a HUGE chance right before her wedding but I think she'll be happy with it.

  4. Be brave !! The ombre would look amazing on you ! and if not then try the last one. I think its called a "strawberry blonde" not sure.

  5. Ombre!!! I tried it and LOVE it.

  6. I have to say i think the red would look stunning on you.