Moving is never fun, but Pinterest is!

Did I really hit 500 followers?
That's like half of a thousand. 
yall are so great. 

Today the family is headin' out of town.
We're off to move me out of my old apartment,
and we're all just thrilled about it!
Moving is never fun.
Especially when you're 23 & moving out of your
 "lovin' life independent I do what I want wild & free woman apartment" 
back into your parents house.
These are the moments where I'm realllyyy
 countin' on Kyle to whip out a diamond ring.
Anyyyytime now.....
but I know he's taking his sweet time, 
makin' that big boy money so he can support me & my shopping habits
Lord only knows how long it'll take to make enough money to do that.
But really, I'm glad to be back home & it'll be nice not to worry 
about rent and groceries for a while!

Unfortunately Kyle couldnt come help,
because he's on a business trip/vacation.
and I'm a little bit jealous and sad. 
He'll be in Colorado skiing away while I'm packing up boxes. 
But that's okay, cause he deserves a little vacation!

I wish my plans for this weekend were more exciting.
buttttt they're not.
Dont worry I'm sure I'll have exciting things to share with you soon!

I cant believe it's almost Christmas!!!!!
Which reminds me,
THANK YOUUUUU for those of you who gave me ideas
for what to get Kyle for Christmas!

Since my life is boring, I'll share some not so boring things with y'all.
Thank you Pinterest, once again, for bringing excitement into my life.

43 people you wont believe actually exist

This pin describes my life perfectly this past month. 
sad. lol

Happy Wednesdayyy!


  1. Congratulations on 500 followers!! Dang!
    Oddly enough I love moving - I finally get to sort through all the crap that I have accumulated.
    I feel you on the waiting for the boyfriend to whip out the diamond ring.. any time now :D
    Haha love those pins!

  2. hahahah your pins cracked me up!!! I completely agree with the first one! :)

    Good luck with the move. It's never fun, but you'll be glad when it's over.

  3. ababahahahah those pictures kill me

  4. Good luck on your move! It will save you tons of money I'm sure!

  5. best.pins.ever
    and good luck on the move! packing and moving SUCKS! i hope there are diamonds in your future (que rhianna's diamond song....which will be stuck in your head for a solid 5 hours - thanks RiRi).