New Arrivals and Gift Ideas?!

Goodmorning Ladies!

I got a big shipment in for my boutique this weekend,
so make sure you stop by and check out the new arrivals!
(lots & lots of accessories)

drum roll please

Leg Warmers <3




& Scarves Galore!

These accessories are here JUST in time for the Holidays!
Perfect gifts for friends, and family members.

Switching subjects.
My weekend was quite the busy one,
so I didnt get to take any pictures of all the exciting things I did :(
My weekend was lamer than lame.
I have just been SO dang busy!
and havent had much time to take outfit pictures,
much less do fun things.

and I'm kind of freaking out because Christmas is SO soon.
I still have a lot of Christmas shopping to do.
Which reminds me....
I need yalls help!
(I always need yalls help)
Thanks for being my support group ;]

I have NO stinkin clue what to get Kyle for Christmas.
Keep in mind that I'm basically poor right now.
Which is okay because I bought him a big gift a few months ago
when he got his big boy job, which was considered part of his
 Christmas gift because it was quite the bank breaker.
So anyways,
What do I get him?!
I want it to be nice, and thoughtful, and cool, and all that good stuff.
But also on the cheaper side.
Ladieeesssss, help me be creative!

What do ya'll get your boyfriends for Christmas
 when you arent exactly rollin' in the dough?!


  1. I'm making mine a gift basket type of thing. I made one for each of his brothers (close family). I can send you pictures if you want. But basically, I got them both a movie/tv show series they would like and filled the basket up with cheap things that they like. Mostly food/drinks. For example, one brother I bought him a tv series he would like, and then filled the basket with his favorite drinks (Arizona tea), added some candy (orange slices and Starburst), and got chocolate covered pretzels and other snacks and stuffed them in there. For the other brother I got him the new Batman movie, beef jerky, Sprite, candy, popcorn and snacks. I'm making a video game one for my brother with Call of Duty, pajama pants, Coke, Oreos, Beef Jerky, and Hershey's. I'm doing the same kind of thing for my boyfriend just with more stuff (I'm crazy about Christmas and started months ago).

    You could also do like a date night basket with movies you'll both like and a bottle of wine & chocolates or something. Adding baked goods might be a good idea too. I'm thinking of making mine some neat things I found on Pinterest and adding them to my boyfriends basket. I know you've said you both love food and sweets so look here for some ideas ( http://pinterest.com/jolly777/desserts-drinks/). Especially the oreo and cinnabon popcorn (good with a movie night basket).

    Oreo/Cookies and Cream popcorn: http://www.chef-in-training.com/2012/08/cookies-and-cream-popcorn/
    Cinnabon popcorn: http://www.remodelaholic.com/2012/03/gourmet-cinnabon-popcorn-recipe/

    Honestly, look all over my Pinterest. I've pinned a lot of good ideas I just haven't had the time to get to yet.

    Let me know if you want me to send you pictures.

  2. i was super broke when it was my bf's birthday so i got him a pipe and the accessories that go with it. all of it only cost $30 from pipesandcigars.com. they have "starter kits" that come with everything, including tobacco. i don't know if your bf is into that kind of thing. mine's not really but he flipped (in a good way) when he got it haha. i think it makes them feel more manly or something...? ;)

    for christmas i got him slippers, a flask, and xmas boxers from jcrew and some ray bans for relatively cheap on amazon and moonshine cologne. (check out moonshine for future reference! http://www.moonshineformen.com/) i think it'd be cute to get a flask with his initials on it. i was going to do that but found a nice leather one on the jcrew website instead.

    good luck! :)

  3. I'm not sure what kind of stuff Kyle is into, but if you wanted to get him something more sentimental mixbook.com (or other online places) do "photo books" that are similar to yearbooks. You can put long text/quotes and use your personal pictures. Kind of like scrapbooking. They're free to create if you just want to try it out.
    My boyfriend is always a big fan of the IOU coupon books. You can find templates online or make them yourself and do things like, good for a massage, cleaning, laundry or pretty much any chore, his-choice movie night, etc. You can get really creative and it can be very inexpensive depending on what you pick!
    Good luck!