Surprise fine dining.

Jeans: Kohls

Woah...did I really only blog 2 times last week?
I'm a little disappointed in myself. 
So this week I will definitely be a better blogger!

Starting my own boutique
as well as having another job takes a lot of time & energy!
My brother has really been hating it...

So since I've been working so hard I decided to reward myself.
With a special weekend with the boyfriendddd <3

Well it didnt turn out exactly how I had planned.

Friday night was great,
I got there just in time for us to go on a dinner date.
Since he lives downtown we just walked to a place.
The greatest people you'll ever meet.

We were both craving steak so we went to this steakhouse close to his apartment.
Kyle & I are big eaters.
When I say "big eaters" I mean we do the real deal when we go out.
Appetizer- maybe two.
dinner/salads/drinks-regular & alcoholic.
we pretty much will take as much as we can get.
Our usual steak outing will be about $70

wellllll little did we know we were FINE dining that night.
The food wasnt all that great,
and we were quite surprised when we got the bill.
This pretty much sums up how we felt when we saw the bill.
Whoopsieee haha

$175 for the 2 of us!
and the food wasnt that great.
Ohhhh well, ya live & ya learn.
We enjoyed each others company, & I deserved to be wined & dined. haha
I was super impressed cause he didnt even complain about the price!
That's myyyy boyyy ;]

The rest of the weekend wasnt as peaceful.
butttt I wont get into that.

How was yours?!


  1. Oh my! My hubby and I had a $125 bill once and I felt terrible but the food was amazing!

  2. Wow, I would probably have the look that Kyle has! (but mine would stay on my face for about 5 minutes!) I am glad you enjoyed your time out though :)

    XO, Kelsey

  3. Haha love his face in the picture. I'd much rather go for the mountains of cheaper food than small portions of overpriced crap. Girl's gotta eat!

  4. Loveeee the outfit, especially those booties!
    Coming to your blog for the first time... it's too cute :) Glad I found you! Your guy is a total keeper too... those disappointing meals are no beuno.
    Keep up the amazing work!
    XO Angela

  5. I love that you can put that your clothes came from YOUR boutique! So awesome ;) & you & kyle should check out Texas's biggest mistletoe! My boyfriend & I went to see it last night & it'll be at market street next week! It makes for some cute pictures! :)