Welcome to MY Christmas morning.

Let's talk about all of the fabulous things that
  i picked out my mom got me for Christmas this year.
Now I dont ACTUALLY have them yet...
but I will in a few days :]

These are my new obsession,
 & you will see them on my feet more than what's socially acceptable.
And I'm okay with that.
You can buy them here.

Every girl needs a great pair of black booties.
And this girl found hers at AGaci.
They are great. Really though. Dont you agree?

I fell in love with this yellow bicycle scarf pretty quickly.
Can you blame me?
Get it here.

This shirt is 10x cuter in person.
mean it.
You'll believe it when you see an outfit post.
buy it here.

When did Old Navy become so awesome?
I'm pretty sure the majority of my gifts are from there.
OWL sweater <3

I also got a few pieces of jewelry from Old navy, 
but they werent on the site so I'll hafta share those w/ yall
once I actually have them!

Where would I be without my big sister?!
I dont wanna know.
But thanks to her I have a new go-to makeup brand!
She's always been great with makeup, I on the other hand, have not.
After she saw one of the items I asked for christmas
[MAC prep & prime highlighter]
she quickly informed me that this brand "e.l.f" 
has the exact same stuff for WAY cheaper.
So I ended up getting quite a few things from there,
& I cant wait to try them out!!
Translucent high definition powder.
Only $6!

Shimmering Highlighter!
$1 yall!!!!!!

Radiance Enhancer

stipple brush

Kabuki Face brush

Okay that's all I'm sharing for today...
I guess I didnt realize how great of a shopper I am,
and describing all of these things is exhausting & it's past my bed time.
Im heading downtown to see Kyle tonight & I couldnt be happier!
Happy Wednesday ladies.


  1. I seriously love the Elf brand! And I just started working at Old Navy for the holidays and holy crap it's hard not to buy up the entire store! Especially that precious scarf!

  2. Elf is the best thing that ever happened to our world. It proves that's there really is no necessary need to buy makeup products for 30 plus dollars. I love all of their stuff!

  3. those first boots look like sam edelman and i looveee them.

  4. I want new makeup! and makeup accessories!!!!!

  5. E.L.F is such a good brand!
    But, the shimmering facial whip will settle if it isn't used often (like every other day). Also, a little goes a longggggg way with that stuff! So use sparingly! :)