Ate 4 boxes of thin mints, not feeling thin at all.

it's Wednesday already?!
This week is flyyyingggg by!

I'm sitting here in my granny panties, 
and NBA oversized tshirt eating a box of thin mint cookies,
looking as publicly unacceptable as possible.
Oh, and a pretty little green face mask, to help unclog those pores of mine.
It's moments like this when I am so proud of myself for keeping a boyfriend this long.

that's all for today.


  1. Ugh, I've heard this rumor that it's girl scout cookie season however I've yet to see any of those little chicklets roaming the neighborhood trying to buy my love in sweets. Which 99% of the time, works. :)

  2. You gotta watch out for them Girl Scouts, I swear you could absolutely loathe cookies and they will con you in to buying 10 boxes. I avoid them like the plague for the sake of my thighs and badonkadonk. I love coming home and dressing like a total hobo and relaxing the rest of the night :D