Fridays Letters and Cute leggings.

Loving these leggings with leather detailing that just came in!
You can buy them here >> ClosetEssentials

They are kind of hard to see in this picture, 
but they are SUPER cute. 

Fridays letters.

Dear appetite, I need you to settle down a little bit.
I'm going on a cruise and I really don't want to be that "skinny fat" girl.
Dear Coffee, I'm sorry for abandoning you for months, I dont know what I was thinking.
I am so glad you are back in my life. I'll love you forever. <3
Dear Hip, why are you always hurting me when I try to jog or even walk fast?
You are making working out much more difficult & I would appreciate if you would stop acting like you're 75 years old. 
Dear Bootcamp, I know Jennifer begs me to go to you every week, & I promise I will. I'm just nervous and need to find my inhaler. Lord help me.
Dear God, thank you for blessing me continuously even though I don't deserve it. 
The End.

Have a great weekend Ladies! 


  1. I totally just saw leggings like those being featured in Cosmopolitan!
    That is so awesome you are going on a cruise! To where?!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  2. What a cute post. Love your letters, especially the one to coffee. And those leggings are absolutely adorable.
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  3. Yay for the cruise! Sounds like fun :)

  4. i have those exact same shoes!! i hope you got the same deal on them as i did....paid 7.97 after tax :)