Guns, Tears, and Laughter.

This weekend I went on a hunting trip!
So I figured what better way to explain what happened, than with pictures.

The whole crew!

The girls <3
Rachel, Me, Krissa, Michelle
we all laughed a lot at Rachel in this picture, our little muslim.

We girls weren't to interested in killing innocent animals,
therefore we sat by the fire & drank beer.
We had some interesting conversations...
you end up talking about the strangest things when you're stuck sitting 
at a ranch for 4 hours with nothing to do

Sometimes I dress like a lumberjack...
and he loves it. ;]

boys will be boys.

the boys gettin' ready to go hunt some hogs!

Yummy fajitas! 
Fajitas always taste better when you're by a camp fire.

Quite the gun collection!

Whenever the boys got back with a dead buck the girls weren't happy campers.
There may or may not have been a few tears shed.
What can I say?!
I'm not a fan of seeing injured animals.
I wasn't too sad when they killed about 10 javelinas though.
Those are the ugliest/nastiest things I've ever seen.
I discriminate sometimes.
Unfortunately I was too busy spending time with the girls to shoot my gun.
Buttttt I got to shoot it the next day!

We went out to our friend Patrics ranch, so that I could shoot!
He's quite the little redneck and I love every bit of it!! 

 We had SO much fun shooting all kinds of guns!

There's little ol' me shooting my big girl gun!

I'm sad the weekend is over.
It always goes by 10x faster when we go out of town or do something fun.

Oh well, at least I have a free cruise to look forward too!
Kyle & I and some of our friends are going on a cruise sometime in March.
Time to start working out againnnn!

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  1. You can rock the lumberjack look!! Haha. Free cruise?? Sign me up!