Happiest moment of my life.

This weekend was so great.
We got up close and personal & became best friends immediately.

Seriously though, we loved each other.

Obviously I was so excited that I didn't know what to do with my hands.
It happens.

I'm one of those people that is weirdly obsessed with animals.
Like I freak out anytime I see a baby animal, & might even cry a little.
Therefore the zoo is a place where I tend to 
make all kinds of weird squeals & embarrass Kyle,
He deals with me pretty well though.

Not only did I get to see fun animals all day,
I got to eat a huge ice cream cone while I was doing it.
I was one happy girl. 

Here are some more pictures!!
my bff.

I wanted to take all of them home!!

just hang in' out

this one was SUCH a good model, I need him.

heyyyyy...we match!!

Divas...like mother like daughter.

Happy Monday,
I have a feeling I'm going to be having some narcoleptic seizures today.


  1. Ahhh! Fab post!! I am totally like you when I visit a zoo! It is my total fave thing to do :D I am so jealous you got to feed a giraffe!! Did you see their tongue: they are very very long!! lol

    Love the photos of the elephant baby copying her mum, so cute!!!

    Great post lovely :D

    Jen xxx

  2. You should visit my town. The zoo here lets you feed giraffes as much as you want! So fun!

  3. I love this and I LOVE the zoo as well!! I leave feeling like I should take several animals with me. :)

  4. So cute! I love going to the zoo...and I can't say I didn't laugh when I saw the "heyyy...we match" thing haha. So clever.

    XO, Kelsey

  5. Haha these are the cutest pictures ever I'm obsessed. Especially with the we match one

  6. ice cream and the zoo and your bf and cute shorts?

    what a great day.

  7. OMG the matching photo! hilariousssss

  8. OK, I'm pretty sure we are one in the same person lol and that if we lived in the same city, we just might be bff's lol I'm super jealous of your giraffe feeding!!

  9. omg, where do you live that you can still wear clothes like this?! i want to move wherever it is. we're bundled up because it's in the 20s. ugh!