It's okay. again.

It's okay Thursday.

It's okay that this girl called my boss and complained that I was "pushy & rude",
because she's a liar & took her anger out on me & the truth will always come out.
(ugh, people are awful)

It's okay that my skin is disgustingggg right now,
because I'm trying out a new product & apparently it's getting
"all of the bad stuff out" before it gets better.
fingers crossed?

It's okay that I spend way more time & energy on my boutique than anything else.
Because that thing is my baby, and it's going to groowww into something amazing.
I just know it. :]

It's okay that Kyle can't afford to buy me a fluffy baby pomeranian right now.
Because he PROMISED that he will someday, and he did mention the word "soon"
Thank God. 

It's okay that today is my weekend & I still woke up at 7AM.
Just kidding. that's not okay.

It's okay that I wanted to take new outfit pictures for my boutique
 in all my new spring arrivals but a cold front just came through.
Real models deal with crazy weather all the time, right?
 Lord help me.

Hooray for Thursday,
The weekend is allllmmmoost here!


  1. Yay for baby puppies! I hope this soon thing happens soon for you because I will be just as happy to see lots of pictures

  2. A fluffy puppy of any sort will melt my heart. Kyle should know that he probably has some of your readers waiting now too...so he better get on that! When I plan to get outfit pictures taken, I just do it. You know, and make awkward faces and poses because my body is freezing. Oh the problems of having a blog : )

  3. Speaking of your boutique, are you bringing in more of the tri-colored tops?! I want one in a small but they're all sold out :(