Not your typical New Years Eve.

Outfit details:
Top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: JC Penny
Tights: Walmart
Booties: Agaci
Bracelet: Monica's Closet Essentials
Earrings: Monica's Closet Essentials

As you can see I got all dolled up & ready to celebrate the new year.
Well that didn't exactly work out.
I've been sick with an awful cold the past 2 days,
and it just happened to get worse new years eve.
 red/ raw nose, sneeze attacks, 
snot pouring out with any sudden movement, 
nasty cough.
That kind of worse.
Kyle wasn't feeling well either, & was dreading going out late.
I told myself that I was going to suck it up & have a good night!
Soo we left his apartment & headed to the party.
As soon as we got there we didn't even get out of the car 
& we just looked at each other.
We immediately knew that we weren't going to be going in.
One of our good friends was with Kyle's roommate at a bar near 
their apartment so we figured instead of going straight home that
we'd stop there for a little while.
I was super happy cause I was going to be so sad if I got all dressed up for nothin'.

It ended up being quite fun,
there was free pizza so I was immediately in a fantastic mood.

we didnt stay long but the time we were there was...
I was pumped because there was free pizza.
and then things got a little weird...
This woman walked in and she was a little different looking...
I'm 99% sure she was a hooker...and about 75 years old.
She had no top teeth. literally none.
She was QUITE the singer as well, oh man she didn't stop singing all night.
I was fortunate enough to get a picture with her to share with yall.
I was taking a picture with my friend Chez, and
SHE hopped in & said that it would look better if there was a girl on each arm.
I wish I would've gotten her name so I could formally introduce y'all.
Buttttt I didnt.
Needless to say it was a different New Years Eve celebration.

We all left before midnight.
Kyle & I celebrated New Years Eve in his apartment in our pajamas.
And I loved every minute of it.


  1. oh buddy! She's quite the looker. Hope you're feelin better!

  2. Haha look at her shoes! I would put money on her profession!

  3. haha... wow. you look amazing! happy new year chick!

  4. You don't look sick! I love when those randoms stumble into bars. I have pics with a few of them :)

    Happy New Year!!

  5. "There was free pizza so I was immediately in a good mood." Bahahahaha that is exactly how I felt walking into my party when I say an entire table filled with chips and dip.

  6. Ohhh the lady... she is adorable I tell ya! Your shirt is seriously the best! Love it :)

  7. hahaha she looks awesome, especially with no top teeth! BUt seriously you look smashing, like always. Sick or not!

  8. Absolutely love your outfit! Gorgeous!

  9. Love your outfit! You don't look sick at all, lucky :D
    Haha love that last picture!