Picnics and Etsy Shops

Nothing makes me happier than picnics with my man.

Our picnics are a little different than your average picnic.

Ours usually involve a living room or bedroom floor
instead of a blanket in the park.
And they often always involve wine. 
And usually a large pizza.
and cheesy bread of course. 

This is me.
You will always find me with a large smile on my face
when I have pizza in one hand & wine in the other.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of my picnic date
because he decided to act like a child.
You know how men get...
anytime you want to take a picture you get the..
Well instead of just groaning & getting it over with,
Kyle decided to just make a hideous face every time I snapped a picture.
Great job babe, you won.

So anyways, after our picnic we plopped in his bed
to watch "The Walking Dead"
We're finally at Season 3!!!
It's getting soooo good!

Now onto a separate subject...


One of my great friends has just opened an Etsy Shop!
Meet Anna & her beautiful little peanut Avery.

As a new mommy Anna was inspired to make all babies look fabulous.

Duh, who doesn't want their babies looking adorable?!
her shop is brand spankin' new so she doesn't have much available now,
but she's been working hard and her store is growing every day.
I am lovinggg this adorable little headband!

Feel free to follow her on:

Show her some love!!! 

Have a great Thursday y'all!


  1. I love your idea of a picnic! I might have to introduce that idea to my roommates!

  2. love the picnic on the bedroom floor!

  3. Girl you look so pretty in the picture of you with your pizza and wine! At least Kyle sometimes let you get a picture, I never could get a picture of my guy.. he would be like "No. I hate pictures. You don't need one". Then two days later he would let some friends of his snap pictures with him, or even by himself! That is some crap hahah. Cute "picnic", better than bugs all over the ground :)

  4. My picnics are the same way! I've actually thought about starting my own etsy shop but have no idea how haha

  5. I love these kind of picnics! Pizza & wine = the best combo!

  6. I love those kind of picnics! When my boyfriend and I first moved in to our old house we had a lot of picnics like that - we had no furniture haha! It was really fun though.