The most entertaining sport in Houston.

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Ice Skating in Houston?!
It happened.

On Saturday my sister asked me if Kyle & I had any plans for the night. 
We didn't, so I asked her what she had in mind.
Apparently they had built an outdoor ice skating rink downtown,
So of course we took up the opportunity.
Kyle was hesitant at first...
Obviously ice skating isn't exactly the #1 thing a guy wants to do on a Saturday night.
But of course he gave in because I wanted to go. 
:] he's such a good boy.

We got there & it was PACKED.
Which made it way more entertaining.
Nothing beats watching Houstonians ice skate.
I felt like I was at a mental hospital and everyone was drunk.
It was great.

We had so much fun!
And surprisingly none of us fell, 
There were some prettyyyyy close calls though.
Afterwards we went to a restaurant nearby for some food & drinks.
Double Dates are great.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. So I used to love skating-roller skating... but I have never been ice skating! I think I should go sometime?! Double dates are cute, I am glad you all had fun! : )

    XO, Kelsey