Fill me in on all the good stuff.

 It's Thursday!
That means it's almost the weekend,
Which is why I have a big smile on my face.

I can't get enough of these shirts!!!

Blouse: Monica's Closet Essentials
Jeans: Buckle
Boots: Cavender's Boot City
Necklace: Monica's Closet Essentials

So I'm a little sad today.
Remember that whole "free cruise" I talked about?
Or did I tell y'all about that?
I can't remember...but anyways Kyle & I went to this stupid timeshare thing &
won a FREE cruise!....Or so we thought.
These people are sneaky...
adding $100 fees left and right
If we would've gone through with it, it would've cost us around $500.

With that being said, my work out motivation is now gone.
I'm not sure when I'll get it back, I have a feeling it's going to be a while.

But maybe not, because my man got us a trip to VEGAS!
Hollaaaaa! I've never been and I am so so so excited!
I dont know when we're going butttttt I dont care I'm still pumped. 

Who has been to Vegas and what are things that we just HAVE to do?!
fill me in on all the good stuff ;)


  1. I haven;t been to Vegas either...so I expect a detailed post about it when you get back :) haha. Okay, I don't expect it-but it would be awesome to see what it is like! Loving the top too!

    XO, Kelsey

  2. Hey! :) I was in Vegas last February and it was fab!! I did a post here: http://itsablondeslife7.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/viva-las-vegas.html

    wayyy back when I first started blogging! It is an awesome place soo overwhemling and in your face cause everything is HUGE!!

    I am going back again in March and will be doing lots of different posts cause we have lots of things planned! Soo keep an eye out for that for some insight :D

    That top is so pretty! I wouldn't be brave enough to pull it off! :)

    Jen xxx

  3. As much as I love a fun cruise Vegas is just as awesome!!! We are actually heading out to Vegas in less than 2 weeks and I couldnt possibly be any more excited. There is SOOOO much to see and do. My hubs and I adore Vegas and have been there so many times. Definitely see a Cirque show..... All are amazing but O is pretty incredible. Definitely shop at the Forum, Magnificient Mile and Fashion Show Mall. Shops are everywhere so you will definitely get your feel. See Carrot Top and Amazing Jonathan comedy shows.....so hilarious! If you go when its warm out visit Mandalay Bay. There beach side pool is crazy! Then one of our to die for places to eat is Tender! Yum! Best steak ever...... Little pricey but totally worth it! We are not club people but did find some awesone lounges..... They are everywhere and very nice. Be prepared to walk.......a BUNCH! Just have fun and enjoy.....its a blast! Who knows maybe we will see ya out there. Hope this helps and not to much info overload. Ha! Ha!

  4. I so wish that I had your fashion sense - I freaking love all of your outfits and you always look so amazing! We so need to live closer to each other haha.
    Huge bummer about the free cruise not being so free.. But at least you guys get to plan for a trip to Vegas!!!

  5. I love Vegas! I have been numerous times but you have to see a show- I love Cirque de soulie..and you have to eat at a buffet (or 10!) they are amazing!Also, if you go to 'old vegas' (just ask- someone will tell you where to go) you have to zip line down the old strip andddd lastly ride the NYNY rollercoaster!

  6. I love your blouse! An incredible color on you too. :)


  7. def checkt out TAO at the Venetian! BEST NIGHTCLUB EVOOOOORRRRR!! Tao Beach is also great, but i think its closed oct - march ..
    lucky girl, wish i could go back to vegas soon!

  8. that's so exciting! the couple i work for went to vegas on their honeymoon and said it was amazing. they said some hotels will give free gambling lessons, which would be fun even if you don't want to gamble! oh, and they went to what they thought was a harmless rockette show and the ladies came out topless, so you better get a blindfold for your man. ;)

    i'm going to be in houston for a whole week this month because the mom whose baby i nanny has business there. will you hang out with me? haha what are some fun things to do there by yourself?