Shopping, Shooting, and Shameful Eating.

Shopping for clothes all day long for my boutique is fun & all...
but sometimes I gotta do a little retail therapy for myself.
With that being said...
Sometimes I REALLY wish I would've named my store 
"retail therapy"
Is it too late to change it? Is that a cool name? I probably shouldn't change it huh?
Ugh too many decisions.
ANYWAYS...back to what I was talking about.

I've been obsessing over swimsuits lately.
maybe because I feel like if I keep purchasing swimsuits it'll give me 
motivation to work out?
Well I've bought 2 already and they weren't the cheapest things in the world.
and well...let's just say I did my first work out of the month yesterday
& decided that pizza and girl scout cookies would be a good post work out meal.
Oh well, I'll get motivated one way or another.
Here are the ones I purchased!

This top & bottom are from theorchidboutique.com

And I just ordered this one!
I'm obsessed with the color!!

I feel like I'm going to be making a trip to the mall this weekend.
Ohhhh the fun I'm going to have <3 <3

For those of you that are needing a little retail therapy of your own.
Here are some new arrivals over at my store!!

This crochet top is seriously to DIE for. 
So pretty.

Striped hi-lo zipper blouse!

Polka Dot Zipper Blouse!

This dress is SO cute in person! 
The colors are so pretty.

Everyone needs a floral tunic in their closet.
but really though.

You'll never guess what my family is doing this weekend.
Getting our Concealed handgun licenses
yup, this girl is gonna be packin' heat!
I'm not thrilled because it's a 10 hour class on Saturday :(
Butttttt that's okay, cuz me & Kyle are having
 our valentines on Sunday so I'll have that to look forward too!

What's everyone doing for valentines day?!
Kyle and I never do anything too exciting, he's going to be out of town for work this year so 
I'll probably spend mine eating cinnamon rolls or something shameful in front of the TV.
Dont judge me.


  1. 10 hours?! Mine wasn't that long. I'm thinking 6 or 8. Have fun :)

    Cute bathing suits! I'm off to check out that site.

  2. Derek and I have to celebrate on Sunday too. I'll be spending the night with my girl scout cookies and chick flicks until i fall asleep...

  3. So as a Valentines gift to myself (because I have no significant other-haha SADFACE!) I think I might go shop at Monica's Closet Essentials. Why not?


  4. Retail therapy= perfect name for your store! Maybe even do a whole relaunch and get more customers with it! And I'm so happy I'm not the only one obsessed with swimsuits! Each year I feel so compelled to buy like 8 when I still have more than enough from the year before. SO hard! ;)

  5. That black top is so cute! I love all the new stuff in your shop! I actually re-pinned that white crochet top from Tara's pinterest the other day! :)

  6. omg love all that stuff! especially the floral tunic!

  7. I have been obsessing over suits too but I've become very picky lately and can't commit! The ones you got are adorable!

  8. My favorite is the polka dot top, so pretty! I found your blog through the Hunter Boots giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you! Happy Valentine's Day!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. Monica, retail therapy is SUCH a great name. you could still keep "Monicas Closset Essential" as kind of a "subtitle" so your established customers dont get all confused and stuff ;) & you could figure out a whole new marketing concept with that new name .. add fun slogans and stuff !

    ill b back in the States in May probably and the first thing ill do is ordering from ur cute boutique. probably less complicated than shipping to Austria ;)

    Happy Valentines! Lisa xx