who's with me?

Whole outfit is from...
you guessed it!
This skirt is out of stock right now, 
but I'm getting more in next week!

Who watched the Bachelor last night?!
 Ugh, I'm pretty sure everyone can agree that Tierra is a nutcase.
Like seriously, her laugh just makes me cringe.
It was SO obvious that he was going to pick her though,
the crazy girl always lasts the longest!

I'm also a little addicted to Teen Mom 2.
dont judge me.
What is it with Reality TV that gets you so hooked?!
I should be in bed right now but I literally can't stop watching.
I already can't wait for my coffee tomorrow. 

I DO have some great news.
well it's great for me at least. 
I've been so busy shopping for my boutique lately that I 
haven't done any shopping for myself..
Soooo I had a frantic Target run yesterday because I was searching
for shipping bags because I'm way behind on orders..
and guess where I ended up?!
the clothes section. duh.
and I bought myself 2 new pairs of shorts for spring/summer!

I am SO ready for summer to get here. 
Who's with me?!


  1. I LOVE your outfit!! Always looking good!

  2. Love the whole outfit! I've been trying to resist Target the last couple weeks..it never ends well. lol

  3. Your outfits are always so stickin' perfect!!