Transformation Tuesday.

Happy Transformation Tuesday.

How sexy do I look in this visor?
Really though...if you were a 12 yr old boy you'd be all over me.
ya right...I LOOKED like a 12 year old boy.

I know I said I was going to be a better blogger
but I was up all night packaging orders,
& now I have to go to my other job all day.
I'm ready to do my boutique full time.
Okay well I hope all of you have a wonderful dayyyy!
and for those of you that have ordered from me,
I hope you just LOVE your new things!!
<3 <3


I'll get better I promise.

Hi, My name is Monica, and I'm a crappy blogger.
There I said it.
I blogged one time last week y'all....ONCE.
Ever since I opened my boutique it has taken over my life,
and this little blog has suffered from it :(
I'm sorrrrrryyyyyyyy, I still love you!
Not only have I been busy with my blog but with my other job as well.

So I know this is a wee bit late.
But here's rodeo round 2!
I think I got literally 100 compliments in my dress, it was a HUGE hit.
holla. Monica's Closet Essentials babyyyy.
Boots: Cavenders Boot City
Necklace: gifted

We ended up going with a group, and it was a BLAST!

We sorta love Texas!

I had WAY too many snacks.

It was a ton of fun, I'm even more in love with Luke than I already was. 
If that's even possible. 

My weekend was spent at home with my parents,
cleaning out the boutique, relaxing, & eating unhealthy amounts of high calorie foods.
Justtttt the way I like it :] 

Have a great Monday!!!


Rodeo Round One

Rodeo Round One Looked a little like this...

Boots: Cavenders Boot City
Belt: F21

Friday night Kyle & I had a little rodeo date to go see Blake Shelton!
I was SO excited, I figured he would be amazing in concert.
I also was expecting him to be drunk and hilarious...
I'm not going to lie I was a little disappointed when he wasn't.
It was still a great concert though!

Unfortunately we didn't have the best seats in the house...
:/ whoopsie...that's what happens when you leave it up to me to buy the tickets!
I still sang my little heart out, and enjoyed some nachos, popcorn, & beer!

I can't believe the rodeo is OVER!
So stinkin' sad.
I also can't believe Spring Break is over...
This was my first year to not have a spring break, and let me tell ya...
Being a grown up is NOT cool.
hmph. :/

Hopefully if you had a spring break you had the time of your life!
and if not hopefully you had a really great weekend!


A little bday celebration.


Blouse: Monica's Closet Essentials
Jeans: TJ Maxx
Wedges: borrowed from the sister
Purse: F21
Necklace: Avon

Monday was Kyle Reagans birthday.

The big 2-4!
I remember when we first met and we were only 18!
I feel like we should have 3 kids by now....
[but really]

I decided I would take him to Cirque Du Soleil for his bday present!

We seriously had such a good time,
 like it was so dang entertaining, I can't even imagine what it would be like in the front row!
I LOVE that they get the audience involved, 
Next time I go I'm spending the big bucks and getting really good seats.
That's for sure!
I wish I could go into detail about all the cool things they did,
but you seriously just have to go see a show for yourself!

How is everyones week going?!
I CAN'T WAIT to go to the rodeo this weekend!
Ohhhhh Blake Shelton & Luke Bryan I am soooo ready!!
<3 <3 


My life always turns into a photo shoot

Kyle got me this starbucks shirt for valentines day, and I'm a tad obsessed. 

Tank: Gift from the boyfriend (I think they have them on etsy) 
Plaid button up: Hurley
Jeans: no clue? :/
Shoes: Target
Bag: Monica's Closet Essentials

Saturday started out with a light breakfast.
are you drooling?!

Kyle and I spent the morning being lazy, really lazy.

and then we went to meet my sister and brother in law because
I needed to borrow some shoes from Tara, and my brother in law needed to
borrow some ski clothes from Kyle!

I feel like no matter what I do my life always turns into a photo shoot.
Oh well, what are ya gonna do?
It's the life of a blogger.

After meeting them we had to rush back home & get ready because
I was taking him to Cirque Du Soleil for his birthday!!!
Y'all will hear about that tomorrow though ;]

Have a great Tuesday!!!


Laugh 'till your cheeks are sore.

FIRST OFF, I have to say Happy Birthday to the love of my life.
Kyle Reagan, I love you to death, Happy Birthday doll!! 
<3 <3

Tank: Tillys.com
Sweater: Forever21
Jeggings: Forever21
Boots: Madden Girl via zappos
Purse: Forever21

Kyle & I decided to go to the comedy club Friday night.
Guess who the comedian was?!
Ben Bailey from CASH CAB!
Please tell me you know who that is.
I'm not gonna lie, I was worried he mighttttt be a little lame,
but he was actually hilariousssss!
I've never been to a comedy club & I was pleasantly surprised.
The 2 guys before him were pretty funny too.
Kyle even cried he was laughing so hard at one point,
oh man, did that bring a big smile to my face.

We had good seats, but not good enough to where the comedians would call you out.
Thank God.

and the drinks and desserts there were fabuloussssss.

It was seriously such a great time.
If you haven't been to a comedy club, GO!
We had quite an eventful weekend but I'll fill y'all in on the rest tomorrow.
Today is going to be crazyyyy busy at work,
then I'm heading across town to go to Kyle's nanas so we can all celebrate his birthday!
Have a great Monday everyone!! 


Thank God I'm addicted to television.

So remember how I asked y'all about a gift for Kyle's Bday?!
THANK GOD I'm addicted to television,
because a Cirque Du Soleil commercial came on anddddd....
I've never been and I am sooo dang excited,
I spilled the beans and told him and he's pretty pumped as well.
We're going this Saturday and I can't wait! 
Who's been to a show? are they the greatest things ever?
Fill me in.

next subject...

I dont know about you but "Off the shoulder blouses" are ALL the rage this spring.
I'm selling out like crazy but I'll be getting more in stock soon.
So keep checking back with me ;]

next subject...

I'm also really excited for this weekend because all my best girlfriends
are going to be in town!!
It's been a while since all 4 of us have been able to hang out together.
Unfortunately I had booked my weekend all up before I figured out they were coming in town.
buttttttttt I'm begging them to join in on my plans Friday night,
so hopefully that'll happen!

I just wan't to show y'all real quick how I'm typing right now.
All curled up in my lap,
this cat is seriously the neediest animal I've ever came in contact with.

I know it's only Thursday but It's my weekend!
Yaaaaay I'm sure I'll have lots of fun things to talk about come Monday.
Have a great weekend y'all!!!!



So this weekend Kyle & I headed to Louisiana
to go gambling at Lau'berge.

[Roadtrip snacks are the best snacks.]

We got there and went to church and then dinner with his family.
What? ...Who doesn't go to church before they go gambling??

I was planning on sitting my happy butt at the penny slots all night
because this girl can't afford to be bettin' anything more!

Well...until Kyle's dad made me fall in love with this $1 slot machine.
Ohhhh man, blazin' sevens, I love you. 

Kyle's dad is the luckiest man you'll ever meet.
So after watching him I KNEW I had to win.
I played and played and played some more....
no winning for me.
they had a $.25 game of blazin' sevens!
Kyle's dad said I could get lucky on that too...
so I played, and played...
AND I WON!!!!!!!!!
I was such a hott mess. Happy as ever. But a hott mess.
I won $271.46. 
It's not much but you would've thought I won a million dollars. 

That was about the only exciting thing that happened though.
Thank God I won a little bit otherwise Kyle & I would be REAL broke.
Well I guess my breakfast the next morning was kind of exciting.
Cinnamon French Toast w/ Bacon.
Mmmm it was delicious!

We had a pretty good weekend if you ask me!
Guess who's turing the BIG 2-4?!
Awwww my man is getting SO old.
His birthday is this coming Monday & I have NO clue what I'm going to get him.
If anyone knows of any fabulous things that al the 24 yr old guys are loving this days.
Let a sister know.

Happy Tuesday!
At least it's not Monday!


If you give me cheese I will immediately become your best friend.

Top: Tobi.com
Jeggings: F21
Boots: Madden Girl via Zappos
Purse: F21
Necklace: F21

Friday Night & Saturday morning were PERFECT.
They were perfect because Kyle & finally went on a date,
that didn't involve laying in bed watching our favorite TV shows.
(don't get me wrong I love doing that too)
but it had been a while since just us 2 had gone out on a REAL date.

We went to a little mexican place (shocker) 
and had some yummy chips, queso & guac!
and then shared some enchiladas. 

If you give me cheese & margaritas I will immediately become your best friend.
Just fyi.

We had a great night and were planning on ending it watching 
"The Following"
buttttt the margaritas got to us and we were wayyyy too tired.
It happens.

One of the good things about Kyle living in a hotel/apt?
Room service.

Seriously one of the BEST omelettes I've ever had. 

After breakfast we headed to good ol' Louisiana to do some gamblin'!

Y'all will here about that tomorrow though. 
Hope everyone had an excellent weekend!


First things First

First things First.
I've got some new arrivals at my storeeeeeee.
You're going to LOVE them. 
I mean it.
I'm also giving away some 
"Monica's Closet Essentials Cash" to some lucky people!
Follow the facebook page to see how to win!

This dress? to die for.

This dress? BEST seller!

This shirt? Also comes in MINT!

Love me some mint.

how great is this skirt?! Super great.

Say hello to the "Not Your Average Tank"
We now have them in red AND black!

MAke sure you go check out the new arrivals before 
your size sells out!!

I'm going gambling this weekend with Kyle's family,
I'm sure I'm going to come back sad and broke
Wish me luckkkkk!!!