I'll get better I promise.

Hi, My name is Monica, and I'm a crappy blogger.
There I said it.
I blogged one time last week y'all....ONCE.
Ever since I opened my boutique it has taken over my life,
and this little blog has suffered from it :(
I'm sorrrrrryyyyyyyy, I still love you!
Not only have I been busy with my blog but with my other job as well.

So I know this is a wee bit late.
But here's rodeo round 2!
I think I got literally 100 compliments in my dress, it was a HUGE hit.
holla. Monica's Closet Essentials babyyyy.
Boots: Cavenders Boot City
Necklace: gifted

We ended up going with a group, and it was a BLAST!

We sorta love Texas!

I had WAY too many snacks.

It was a ton of fun, I'm even more in love with Luke than I already was. 
If that's even possible. 

My weekend was spent at home with my parents,
cleaning out the boutique, relaxing, & eating unhealthy amounts of high calorie foods.
Justtttt the way I like it :] 

Have a great Monday!!!


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  2. I am SO jealous of everybody who lives in Texas and got to go to the Rodeo!

  3. Love your dress! There was a girl a few rows in front of me at Luke with a similar dress on & my friend loved it so I showed her yours & she agreed that yours is so much cuter! I told her she can get it from your boutique so hopefully she'll order soon ;)

  4. Giiiiirl I would carry around business cards with your Boutique information on them! Especially for times such as when you were at the rodeo-someone gives you a compliment, you give them a card ; ) haha. Maybe you already do that? But I love your choices for your boutique! Maybe you can just be my personal shopper!
    XO, Kelsey

  5. That dress is so cute! I have a similar one and I absolutely love it! (:
    If you have a second, I would love to hear your thoughts on my new post. I also posted my very first giveaway and would love for you to check it out and spread the word! (:

    Tailored Seams

  6. I love that color on you! Such a gorgeous dress!

  7. I am OBSESSED with that dress!!! Do you ship to New Zealand?! Haha. Glad you had fun at the rodeo!!

  8. That dress is adorable! The pink looks so good on you, so soft and flowy :)