So this weekend Kyle & I headed to Louisiana
to go gambling at Lau'berge.

[Roadtrip snacks are the best snacks.]

We got there and went to church and then dinner with his family.
What? ...Who doesn't go to church before they go gambling??

I was planning on sitting my happy butt at the penny slots all night
because this girl can't afford to be bettin' anything more!

Well...until Kyle's dad made me fall in love with this $1 slot machine.
Ohhhh man, blazin' sevens, I love you. 

Kyle's dad is the luckiest man you'll ever meet.
So after watching him I KNEW I had to win.
I played and played and played some more....
no winning for me.
they had a $.25 game of blazin' sevens!
Kyle's dad said I could get lucky on that too...
so I played, and played...
AND I WON!!!!!!!!!
I was such a hott mess. Happy as ever. But a hott mess.
I won $271.46. 
It's not much but you would've thought I won a million dollars. 

That was about the only exciting thing that happened though.
Thank God I won a little bit otherwise Kyle & I would be REAL broke.
Well I guess my breakfast the next morning was kind of exciting.
Cinnamon French Toast w/ Bacon.
Mmmm it was delicious!

We had a pretty good weekend if you ask me!
Guess who's turing the BIG 2-4?!
Awwww my man is getting SO old.
His birthday is this coming Monday & I have NO clue what I'm going to get him.
If anyone knows of any fabulous things that al the 24 yr old guys are loving this days.
Let a sister know.

Happy Tuesday!
At least it's not Monday!


  1. Yay for winning! Like you, I never win at gambling either! Prob because I'm wayyy to cheap to really take a chance. That breakfast looks oh so good!

  2. Of fun!! I lived in Baton Rouge for a few years, but never made it to Lau'berge! We went to Hollywood once, but I lost ALL my money there. And on the penny slots too! Glad you loved your little trip! :)

  3. yayyy hubby always used to win...but he used to gamble big amount lol
    so difficult to get gifts for man!!
    always the same...get him a Gift card lol

  4. Sounds like you guys had a ton of fun, and huge congrats on winning!!!
    & Hey now, 24 isn't old! I'm turning 24 in November ha ha :D

  5. Congrats!! I have the worst luck ever so I never gamble! And I'm cheap...soooo ya. Gotta bet big to win big I guess.

  6. Yayyy! Winning is always fun..also, I love you for your road trip snacks. Just like me girl!

    XO, Kelsey