My life always turns into a photo shoot

Kyle got me this starbucks shirt for valentines day, and I'm a tad obsessed. 

Tank: Gift from the boyfriend (I think they have them on etsy) 
Plaid button up: Hurley
Jeans: no clue? :/
Shoes: Target
Bag: Monica's Closet Essentials

Saturday started out with a light breakfast.
are you drooling?!

Kyle and I spent the morning being lazy, really lazy.

and then we went to meet my sister and brother in law because
I needed to borrow some shoes from Tara, and my brother in law needed to
borrow some ski clothes from Kyle!

I feel like no matter what I do my life always turns into a photo shoot.
Oh well, what are ya gonna do?
It's the life of a blogger.

After meeting them we had to rush back home & get ready because
I was taking him to Cirque Du Soleil for his birthday!!!
Y'all will hear about that tomorrow though ;]

Have a great Tuesday!!!


  1. I love that Starbucks shirt! Ha ha, a light breakfast, right :)
    Hope you guys had a freaking blast at Cirque Du Soleil!!

  2. haha! I feel ya girl!


  3. So when you showed the food? Yep, I was drooling. I could be absolutely stuffed, but if someone shows yummy food, I crave it, and am instantly hungry! I have no idea how I am not obese yet! You and your sister are so cute!

    XO, Kelsey