It's been a while.

So...It's been a while.

How are you fabulous ladies doing??
I took an entire week AND a day off of blogging.
and I loved every second of it.
I'm mad at myself though because my thought process was.
"Omg, I'm going to take a picture of everything I do,
and take all of these cute outfit pictures
and I'm going to be SO prepared for next weeks blogging."
But oh well, ya win some ya lose some.

Before I tell y'all about my weekend I have to tell you what happened yesterday.
So I'm at my other job (marketing for a pharmacy)
and I'm leaving this medical building where I had to pay to park.
I was having one of those Monday mornings where I feel 20 lbs fatter than I really am,
I hated my outfit, my face, and everything else you can think of.

So anyways I'm walking out of this building into the parking lot,
and there's this group of young business men talking.
I'm walking towards them to my car avoiding eye contact.
ONE, because I'm taken.
TWO, because I felt disgusting & didn't want anyone looking at me.

Of course they all stared, because they're men.
And I get in my car and start pulling out.
(they had all gotten in their cars as well by this time)
One of them was in front of me and when I pulled up to the window to pay,
the little lady told me that they guy had paid for me.
For some reason this made my whole entire day.
Especially because he wasn't creepily waiting for me somewhere
expecting something from me.
He just wanted to do something nice for me and go on with his day.
And that was super cool.
And definitely a huge confidence booster.
(unless of course he thought I looked poor & disgusting & needed help)
But anyways...sometimes Mondays aren't so bad.

This weekend I went to Spring to see Kyles family.
We all had dinner at his nanas on Saturday night.

If I havent mentioned this before she's the BEST cook you will ever meet.
Seriously though. I gotta get some lessons ASAP.
She made Steaks (and a million other things)
But here is my little plate with my almost gone glass of wine [duh]

After dinner with the fam a few of the "kids" all went out
for some drinks.
Of course I didn't get any pictures, but we had a good time!

Sunday morning I woke up to some delicious breakfast that Kyle had made!
If you cook me bacon, I love you.

After breakfast we watched tv and had a little cuddle time w/ this adorable pup!

and thennnnnn, we realized it was PERFECT outside,
So I got myself a little sun tan while Kyle did yardwork (such a man)
It was a fun relaxing weekend, and I'm so not ready for work this week!

But ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
Have a great day dolls!!!


Outfit Central.

Oh hey, Did you know that I own an online boutique?

Are you following us on facebook?!
There's kind of a giveaway going on.
Help us reach 1,000 fans and you may just win a $50 gift card.
Whoop whoop!!

If you're into dresses, we've got PLENTY.

There's plenty more where those came from!
We've got some adorable jewelry and fashion tops as well.
Don't miss out on the giveaway,
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You deserve it. ;]



I'm currently sold out, 
but don't worry there's lots of other fab things you can get your hands on!

I've totally fallen in love with Kyle's new jeep.
This summer is going to be SO much fun cruising around in it!

You know you've had a successful date night
when your boyfriend talks to you about your future wedding for an hour.

Thursday night was perfect.
I headed over to Kyles side of town so we could have a night together
before he left for Malaysia.
We went to the galleria because he needed some new jeans.
And I did a little shopping myself too.
It's VERY rare that Kyle goes shopping & tries stuff on for me.
He was so cute, It's always me asking his opinion about my outfits,
It was kind of nice to be on the other side for a change.
After we decided on a pair we liked we headed over
to Kona Grill for some drinks and dinner!

If you've ever been to Kona you know that their margaritas are
exceptionally strong.
We each had 3. Yes, THREE.
Both of us were quite the talkers that night.
We even talked about our future wedding, which was extremely exciting for me.

Don't get me wrong, we've talked about the future and getting married.
But this was like...
 full on details of our legitimate wedding that's [hopefully] happening soon.
It was so much fun talking about it.
but it kind of got my hopes up...a lot a lot.
Ohhhh well, my time will come!

Kyle left for Malaysia last Friday,
it's so weird because the time is 13 hours different!
So when I'm waking up he's going to bed.
He'll be there for 10 days for work!

Here's a picture of his view from his hotel room that he sent me!
Kinda coooool!

Well, I hope all you ladies have a fabulous week.
Make sure you stop by my boutique or the facebook page every once & a while,
because I'll be posting a lot of new arrivals!

<3 <3


Why am I telling yall this? No clue.

Top: A little boutique called "GraceAnnas" in Houston
Jeans: Kohls
Wedges: Borrowed from the sister

Yall I've actually been kind of consistent with working out lately!
I mean I wouldn't say they're hardcore work outs,
but hey it's better than my usual once a month work out!

I did this random arm workout video yesterday that I found on pinterest...

So while browsing pinterest yesterday,
I discovered this photo...

Of course I clicked on it since I am in love with Adam Levine.
It led me to an article about how Adam does yoga for an hour before every performance.
This ruined my life.
Call me crazy, but when I think about my boyfriend [or imaginary boyfriend]
I don't want to think about him in spandex holding odd poses for 2 minutes.
I want to think about him sweating lifting heavy things and being manly.
[but not making those god-awful noises. That's unacceptable]
Some of you might hate me for posting this,
Some of you might think that it's totally great when guys do yoga.
I guess I'm just not into it.
I still love him of course, just not as much as I did before I discovered this.

Why am I telling yall this?
I have no clue. 
But I hope you have a great day.


So I'm a little freaked out...

So I'm a little freaked out.
Kyle has to go to Malaysia for work not this week but next.
His flight is like 25 hours, which scares me even worse.
I know where he's going is super nice, but it still totally freaks me out.
So of course I demanded a good quality weekend together before he leaves me.
Saturday I headed toward his side of town for a nice little lunch date.
Top: Tillys.com
Jeans: Target
Wedges: Tillys.com
Necklace: Monica's Closet Essentials

I'm definitely starting to like the jeep now...
we cruised around town with the top off and it was pretty dang nice.
I've been trying to come up with a fab name for her...any suggestions?

After driving around and enjoying the weather we went to a little
pizzeria in midtown, and ordered the most delicious pizza EVER.

yes we finished it,
and yes I ate more than him...kind of.
Hey, a girls gotta get her carbs in somehow...
[like i dont get enough in already]

After that we walked around and shopped a little bit,
I went into a few different boutiques and bought myself some things.
Figured I'd help support the small businesses!
It was so weird though knowing that almost every item in there could be in my own store.
We also stopped by Urban Outfitters & I scored these 2 adorable pairs of shoes!

But anyways, He leaves this Friday so I'm sure we'll
go on another little date during the week to say bye.
I love how we treat this like he's going away for months...
haha I guess it's mostly me and not him, whateverrrrr.

I'm thinking I should do a giveaway soon...
Ya, that's definitely gonna happen.
Until then....Have a great day!!!


Another Easter Dress!

Since we obviously still went to church for Easter Sunday,
I got to wear TWO Easter dresses this past weekend!
BOTH from my little boutique, and they are pretty great if you ask me.
Here's the one I wore Sunday!

Yellow bow back dress. 
(to die for)
Belt: Stole from mom ;]
Purse: F21

OMG How have I not been watching The Voice?!
I've been so Adam Levine deprived lately.
I finally watched it last night, and I got all giddy inside.
Kyle isnt aware the Adam & I are dating, but I like it that way.

Is everyone having a good week?!
I'm extremely proud of myself because I've blogged THREE days in a row.
That shouldn't be a big deal, but with how busy my life has been lately...
Yall should be proud of me :]


Easter Saturday!

Dress & Necklace: Monica's Closet Essentials

We had Easter on Saturday!

I'm so disappointed in myself I seriously didn't take ANY pictures.
What kind of blogger am I?!?!?!
Ugh, Oh well.

It was a nice small Easter with just my immediate family. 
(and Kyle of course)
Tara and Jonners (Jonathan) came down and we ALL got 
Easter baskets from my mom!
(duh) there's no age limit people.

We didn't have your average Easter Celebration...
What did we do?
Went to the gun range of course.
That's what happens when your dad is man deprived 
and finally gets son in laws.

We had a good time though, and ate wayyy too much food
throughout the day!

I definitely need to get back on my fitness game.
It's WAY too close to summer for me to be having food babys on the reg.

Have a great Tuesday dolls!


Soooo Kyle got a new car...and there's a giveaway going on.

Soooo Kyle got a new car...
I know that sounds like a great thing, but I had a weird obsession with his truck,
or should I say "Black Betty"....We were besties. 
Kyle and his cousin and one of their friends are planning on starting a coffee business.
Therefore they all decided they would get jeeps!
Now I didn't realize exactly how quickly this was all going to take place.
Literally 2 days later Kyle's texting me saying he's giving the dealership his truck,
and taking the jeep home.
What did I do? Had a nervous meltdown and started crying.
Yes, I cried over a vehicle.
I think I was sad because we have SO many memories in that truck.
and we didn't even get to go on a last date in her.
So I had the sads, big time.
But I'll get over it...RIP Black Betty. <3 <3

This is me modeling Kyle's new jeep this weekend.
It will look completely different soon because of course as a guy,
you have to do a million things to it to make it great.

Jeans: Kohls
Heels: Charlotte Russe

Friday night was fun and MUCH needed after my meltdown.
A bunch of us went to "Howl at the moon" 
which is a fun little piano bar in downtown.

It was nice to get out with the people that I love!
Hope all of you had a fabulous weekend and wonderful Easter!

<3 <3