Another Easter Dress!

Since we obviously still went to church for Easter Sunday,
I got to wear TWO Easter dresses this past weekend!
BOTH from my little boutique, and they are pretty great if you ask me.
Here's the one I wore Sunday!

Yellow bow back dress. 
(to die for)
Belt: Stole from mom ;]
Purse: F21

OMG How have I not been watching The Voice?!
I've been so Adam Levine deprived lately.
I finally watched it last night, and I got all giddy inside.
Kyle isnt aware the Adam & I are dating, but I like it that way.

Is everyone having a good week?!
I'm extremely proud of myself because I've blogged THREE days in a row.
That shouldn't be a big deal, but with how busy my life has been lately...
Yall should be proud of me :]


  1. Yay, so proud of you Monica! I am pretty sure that everyone that sees you and your outfits instantly want to go to your boutique and order! How could they not? I hope your whole town starts rocking your clothes!

    XO, Kelsey

  2. I love that yellow - very springy! And I've been catching clips of The Voice this season and OMG, the singers they have on their are amazing. I'm so stunned by some of their voices, I only wish I could sing outside of the car or shower!! Also, very proud of your blogging consistency this week :)