So I'm a little freaked out...

So I'm a little freaked out.
Kyle has to go to Malaysia for work not this week but next.
His flight is like 25 hours, which scares me even worse.
I know where he's going is super nice, but it still totally freaks me out.
So of course I demanded a good quality weekend together before he leaves me.
Saturday I headed toward his side of town for a nice little lunch date.
Top: Tillys.com
Jeans: Target
Wedges: Tillys.com
Necklace: Monica's Closet Essentials

I'm definitely starting to like the jeep now...
we cruised around town with the top off and it was pretty dang nice.
I've been trying to come up with a fab name for her...any suggestions?

After driving around and enjoying the weather we went to a little
pizzeria in midtown, and ordered the most delicious pizza EVER.

yes we finished it,
and yes I ate more than him...kind of.
Hey, a girls gotta get her carbs in somehow...
[like i dont get enough in already]

After that we walked around and shopped a little bit,
I went into a few different boutiques and bought myself some things.
Figured I'd help support the small businesses!
It was so weird though knowing that almost every item in there could be in my own store.
We also stopped by Urban Outfitters & I scored these 2 adorable pairs of shoes!

But anyways, He leaves this Friday so I'm sure we'll
go on another little date during the week to say bye.
I love how we treat this like he's going away for months...
haha I guess it's mostly me and not him, whateverrrrr.

I'm thinking I should do a giveaway soon...
Ya, that's definitely gonna happen.
Until then....Have a great day!!!


  1. Would it be creepy to post the "Hey Girl" on my instagram? I mean, he is lovely eye candy and it might helpa gurl out :) haha. I hope you get a second date in with Kyle before he goes to freaking Malaysia! (Yes, "freaking" Malaysia. That is how I feel about it. Crazy that he is going that far!)

    XO, Kelsey

  2. That outfit is hot hot hot! Love it!

  3. Love your outfits you put together! So fabulous!


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