Soooo Kyle got a new car...and there's a giveaway going on.

Soooo Kyle got a new car...
I know that sounds like a great thing, but I had a weird obsession with his truck,
or should I say "Black Betty"....We were besties. 
Kyle and his cousin and one of their friends are planning on starting a coffee business.
Therefore they all decided they would get jeeps!
Now I didn't realize exactly how quickly this was all going to take place.
Literally 2 days later Kyle's texting me saying he's giving the dealership his truck,
and taking the jeep home.
What did I do? Had a nervous meltdown and started crying.
Yes, I cried over a vehicle.
I think I was sad because we have SO many memories in that truck.
and we didn't even get to go on a last date in her.
So I had the sads, big time.
But I'll get over it...RIP Black Betty. <3 <3

This is me modeling Kyle's new jeep this weekend.
It will look completely different soon because of course as a guy,
you have to do a million things to it to make it great.

Jeans: Kohls
Heels: Charlotte Russe

Friday night was fun and MUCH needed after my meltdown.
A bunch of us went to "Howl at the moon" 
which is a fun little piano bar in downtown.

It was nice to get out with the people that I love!
Hope all of you had a fabulous weekend and wonderful Easter!

<3 <3



  1. Aw I feel ya girl! When Tyler got rid of his green Camry I was super sad, that's the car he had when we first started dating! I don't think guys think about it like we do lol. That jeep looks pretty dang nice though...looks like you guys get to start making memories in it!

  2. I know exactly how you feel, when my boyfriend got rid of his powerstroke I cried. I freaking loved that truck! We had so much fun in that truck, such great memories. The Jeep looks super nice though, and I'm sure that you guys will make great memories in it too :D
    P.S. I had the craziest freaking dream - you came to my work to sell clothes ha ha!

  3. I was mentally singing that 'whoooaa black betty' song in my head throughout this post. Love the jeep though :)