I'm currently sold out, 
but don't worry there's lots of other fab things you can get your hands on!

I've totally fallen in love with Kyle's new jeep.
This summer is going to be SO much fun cruising around in it!

You know you've had a successful date night
when your boyfriend talks to you about your future wedding for an hour.

Thursday night was perfect.
I headed over to Kyles side of town so we could have a night together
before he left for Malaysia.
We went to the galleria because he needed some new jeans.
And I did a little shopping myself too.
It's VERY rare that Kyle goes shopping & tries stuff on for me.
He was so cute, It's always me asking his opinion about my outfits,
It was kind of nice to be on the other side for a change.
After we decided on a pair we liked we headed over
to Kona Grill for some drinks and dinner!

If you've ever been to Kona you know that their margaritas are
exceptionally strong.
We each had 3. Yes, THREE.
Both of us were quite the talkers that night.
We even talked about our future wedding, which was extremely exciting for me.

Don't get me wrong, we've talked about the future and getting married.
But this was like...
 full on details of our legitimate wedding that's [hopefully] happening soon.
It was so much fun talking about it.
but it kind of got my hopes up...a lot a lot.
Ohhhh well, my time will come!

Kyle left for Malaysia last Friday,
it's so weird because the time is 13 hours different!
So when I'm waking up he's going to bed.
He'll be there for 10 days for work!

Here's a picture of his view from his hotel room that he sent me!
Kinda coooool!

Well, I hope all you ladies have a fabulous week.
Make sure you stop by my boutique or the facebook page every once & a while,
because I'll be posting a lot of new arrivals!

<3 <3


  1. Oh gosh, I remember when conversations like that were GOLD! Almost as good as the real deal! You and Kyle are a lot like the husband and me--just kind of a solid entity (we'd been together for 6 years before a ring). I hope it happens for you soooooooooon! :-D Also--best of luck to Kyle while he's traveling! I hope that flies by for you!

  2. Ahh! Wedding talk?! I hope you two have legitimate wedding details and plans soon ;) So exciting. Oh, and your dress is gorg. That kind of goes with out saying!

  3. You are darling! Love that dress! Wedding plan talk is always the best! :) Can't wait to hear more!!! I am your newest follower, such a cute blog you have!