Why am I telling yall this? No clue.

Top: A little boutique called "GraceAnnas" in Houston
Jeans: Kohls
Wedges: Borrowed from the sister

Yall I've actually been kind of consistent with working out lately!
I mean I wouldn't say they're hardcore work outs,
but hey it's better than my usual once a month work out!

I did this random arm workout video yesterday that I found on pinterest...

So while browsing pinterest yesterday,
I discovered this photo...

Of course I clicked on it since I am in love with Adam Levine.
It led me to an article about how Adam does yoga for an hour before every performance.
This ruined my life.
Call me crazy, but when I think about my boyfriend [or imaginary boyfriend]
I don't want to think about him in spandex holding odd poses for 2 minutes.
I want to think about him sweating lifting heavy things and being manly.
[but not making those god-awful noises. That's unacceptable]
Some of you might hate me for posting this,
Some of you might think that it's totally great when guys do yoga.
I guess I'm just not into it.
I still love him of course, just not as much as I did before I discovered this.

Why am I telling yall this?
I have no clue. 
But I hope you have a great day.


  1. Why am I almost always the first commenter. Jeez, I am so creepy! Anyways, I agree about the Adam thing...although when it all comes down to it, he is still a hotty. Even if he wants to wear yogas or something. I need to jump on the workout train too..but I doubt that will happen. Maybe I will just do the arm workout you posted and call it a day?

    XO, Kelsey

  2. Hahaa.. Love Adam Levine!

    That shirt is too cute too!


  3. three of my friends are doing a whole semester abroad in malaysia and they are just fine - so no worries :) love ur outfit + hair! lisa x