Geez this post just got weird.

Can I be honest with yall?

I'm sick of having 2 jobs. 
I wish I could focus all of my energy on the thing that I love. 
I wish I had more time to blog, I miss blogging & I miss y'all.
I wish there was an age where drama just stopped happening...
I guess 24 isnt that age, or 50 for that matter. 

I miss college. 
Not the school or the homework or the stress. (of course)
Just being around friends & doing random things every day.

I'm incredibly thankful for my family. 
and the great true friends that I have. 
I'm thankful for animals
[geez this post just got weird haha]
The other night I was having somewhat of a breakdown
[you know you've had one recently]
So I'm talking to my mom and crying, 
and my cat literally runs up to me meowing and rubbing his face on mine.
he NEVER does that.
Like I love that animals can sense when you need love.
Seriously that made everything better.

I'm going to go ahead and end this post before it gets any weirder.
This might be my most random post yet & I'm totally fine with that.

I hope everyone is having a good week. 
I'm pretty sure I lie to yall every week and promise that I'll be a better blogger 
the following week.
I'm not going to do that today. 

But I can promise you that eventually I will be better, 
once I have ONE job instead of two, I know I'll be back to my 
every day blogging self!

<3 <3 

I also got some AMAZING new arrivals in the store last night.
I mean, AMAZING.

Go take a little looksie! ;]


Much Needed Get Away.

This weekend I went on a staycation.
A bunch of friends all decided last minute to rent a condo in Galveston.
SO glad we did that, It was such a blast and we ALL needed a little sun & relaxation.
(prepare yourselves for lots of pictures)

Me & this kid,
5 years & going strong <3

Some of the girls!
(Buy Krissas Peace sign tank HERE.)

All of the girls! 

Now this character is one of the greatest people you will ever meet.
Always keeps me smiling! 

<3 <3

Just modeling on Kyles jeep!

Beach Volleyball winners!! 

The whole crew!!

Everyone again,
These people are seriously like family.

I had such a blast.
This whole crew used to make random roadtrips ALL the time,
after we all got real jobs it's been kind of hard
so we haven't been able to do it in a while.
THANK GOD for last minute decisions.
Hopefully all of you had a nice, long weekend!

Who watched the bachelorette last night?!
Does anyone else feel like Des got an AWFUL batch of guys?
I think I only KIND OF liked 2 of them...
Ugh hopefullyyyyyy this season gets better & the guys step up their game
because I was not impressed last night.



Always a bridesmaid, never the bride.

Well, It's officially wedding season!

Which means I hate my life.
Not really... but sometimes.
Girls that have been in relationships for months are getting huge diamonds...
and I'm getting chips & queso. 
Which actually probably brings me just as much happiness.

But anyways,
I went to a wedding this Saturday!

Buy this dress HERE.

It was a really fun wedding!
I'm glad we all got to go :] 

Switching subjects...
So I'm sitting here eating a bag of ruffles,
dipping them in ranch dip.
And some friends and I planned a mini beach vacation,
(to galveston, so it's 30 minutes away and disgusting)
I need to hit the treadmill hard tomorrow.
and find some motivation so I'm not feeling like a walrus this weekend.
Lord help me.  


Birthday fun.

My birthday was last Thursday!
24...Geez I'm getting old! 

Oh and SURPRISE an outfit that ISNT from my boutique. ;]

Top: JC Penny
Jeans: old
Heels: F21
Bag: Kate Spade (gift from sister)
Necklace: Monica's Closet Essentials

Kyle took me out to our favorite Mexican Restaurant downtown.

He also surprised me with some ADORABLE new
Michael Kors sunglasses.
Unfortunately, I have an abnormally small head and they didn't fit.
I felt so bad, he was searchinggggg for the smallest pair they had &
of course they were still too big for my face.
Huge bummer because I LOVED them. 

How was everyone elses weekend??
Mine was pretty eventful, which means i'm extra exhausted this morning.
I usually like to dedicate my Sundays to lazyness & preparing
for the week but THAT didn't happen.

I'm hoping this Monday will be a good one though.
Have a great day y'all!!!


Family Golf Outing.

Last weekend Kyles Family participated in a charity Golf tournament for their church!
I know I've told yall how crazy/amazing Kyles family is.

Well this is what they decided to wear. 
They definitely stood out.
(Kyle, his cousin Corey, his cousin Garrison, & his brother Bryan)
Unfortunately it rained the majority of the time but it was still SO much fun!

That's Kyles cousin KEvin holding the umbrella for us.
He was their caddy and should definitely get some kind of award for best caddy ever.

Every other "team" had 2 carts.
and then there's us.....

The whole crew.
I seriously love these people SO much!

His family was definitely blest with height haha!
I look teeny, but I'm really 5'5! 

Kyle's cousin Corey bought a GoPro recently,
and has been obsessed with filming and editing EVERYTHING.
He's getting pretty dang good at it too!
Here's the video he made of the golf outing!


Mothers Day Fun and Dark Hair

Did you have a good Mothers Day?!

Some things never change <3
Same picture 20+ years later.

Mine was spent with family and lots of food!
Sister, Me, Mom <3 <3

And we had a little early birthday celebration for me, 
I'm turning 24 Thursday, holy crap I'm old!

Love this woman more than words can describe.


I had quite the eventful weekend and I am NOT ready for Monday.
Oh and I forgot to tell y'all, and I doubt you noticed
but I dyed my hair dark again!!
Don't worry if you didn't notice, noone ever does.
I guess because it looks so "natural" which is a good thing, right?
This is the night I actually dyed it.
What do ya think?! 
Kyle really likes it dark, so I figure I might as well keep him happy ;]



Weekend Fun.

This is what Friday night looked like. 
Pure happiness.

Saturday was spent out by the pool!

Here are the girls!

And the boys!

The weather was seriously amazing,
anytime i'm with these people and there's drinking involved
Corey and I always try to start doing cheerleading stunts.
He was a cheerleader in college fyi, I have never been one in my life haha.
Definitely dangerous seeing as theres only concrete to break my fall.
Well and Krissa of course! ;] 

I'm not too bad huh? ;] 

So, I need yalls advice.
hair advice to be exact.

I've started letting my hair grow out, and letting the natural color
just kind of take over.
It looks really good in pictures, but in person...
not so cute.
I can't decide if I should keep growing it out and go back to my natural color.
(light brown/dirty blonde)
Or just dye it dark brown/red again
Kyle really likes it dark, and I think I do too.
But I'm having the HARDEST time finding the perfect color.
I would LOVE for it to look like one of these

But for some reason I can never get it just right!
Should I try to get it this color??
Or go back to my natural roots?!



Y'all are great. Let's shop.

Yall are amazing!
I got so many great ideas on new face washes/make up
yesterday and I can't wait to try these new things out!!

Let's talk about new arrivals in my store.
Well, I guess we won't talk let's just look.

Oh, the bows back dress. <3 <3

You can never have enough mint in your wardrobe.

This one came in yesterday!
PERFECT for all my shorties!

This ones almost gone!

Do I really need to say anything about this dress?

This dress has FINALLY been re-stocked!

Go get your shopping on girlfriends!


Beauty Secrets.

See what I did there?
I tricked yall into thinking this post was filled with beauty secrets.

When really I NEED beauty secrets.
Any, Every & ALL of them

My skin is extremely bi-polar.
One day it's oily and gross.
The next it's dry and peeling.
like it's extreme. 
I've been using pro-activ and it worked really well 
for the first few months.
I feel like my skin is breaking out more than it should be now though.
(Shouldn't I have outgrown this crap by now?)
Anyways, I really want to start using just a normal cleanser that I can buy anywhere.
But I'm always terrified because my skin is so sensitive.
I've also heard that if you use pro-activ once you stop your skin just freaks out.
I don't want that to happen either. :(

I also need advice on concealer.
My skin has been in the dry phase lately,
and I feel lik every concealer just dries it out even more. 
Ugh Tell me your beauty secrets. 

I ALSO want some really good anti-aging night cream.
My mom sells Avon so I've been using some of theirs but I dont LOVE it.
Anti-aging/under eye cream is what I want!