Birthday fun.

My birthday was last Thursday!
24...Geez I'm getting old! 

Oh and SURPRISE an outfit that ISNT from my boutique. ;]

Top: JC Penny
Jeans: old
Heels: F21
Bag: Kate Spade (gift from sister)
Necklace: Monica's Closet Essentials

Kyle took me out to our favorite Mexican Restaurant downtown.

He also surprised me with some ADORABLE new
Michael Kors sunglasses.
Unfortunately, I have an abnormally small head and they didn't fit.
I felt so bad, he was searchinggggg for the smallest pair they had &
of course they were still too big for my face.
Huge bummer because I LOVED them. 

How was everyone elses weekend??
Mine was pretty eventful, which means i'm extra exhausted this morning.
I usually like to dedicate my Sundays to lazyness & preparing
for the week but THAT didn't happen.

I'm hoping this Monday will be a good one though.
Have a great day y'all!!!


  1. your outfit is uber cute
    i hate when something matt gets me doesn't fit/work etc.
    please put a ring on it soon

  2. I love your outfit!!! You always look so good! Happy belated birthday!!!

  3. Ahh! I love that bag! It's so perfect with your outfit!

    Xo, Kelsey