Family Golf Outing.

Last weekend Kyles Family participated in a charity Golf tournament for their church!
I know I've told yall how crazy/amazing Kyles family is.

Well this is what they decided to wear. 
They definitely stood out.
(Kyle, his cousin Corey, his cousin Garrison, & his brother Bryan)
Unfortunately it rained the majority of the time but it was still SO much fun!

That's Kyles cousin KEvin holding the umbrella for us.
He was their caddy and should definitely get some kind of award for best caddy ever.

Every other "team" had 2 carts.
and then there's us.....

The whole crew.
I seriously love these people SO much!

His family was definitely blest with height haha!
I look teeny, but I'm really 5'5! 

Kyle's cousin Corey bought a GoPro recently,
and has been obsessed with filming and editing EVERYTHING.
He's getting pretty dang good at it too!
Here's the video he made of the golf outing!


  1. This sounds like so much fun!! Loving all of the outfits!!!

  2. I am digging the outfits! Super cute :) looks like a blast even though it rained :)

  3. So fun! I don't think they could have picked better outfits!

    Xo, Kelsey