Geez this post just got weird.

Can I be honest with yall?

I'm sick of having 2 jobs. 
I wish I could focus all of my energy on the thing that I love. 
I wish I had more time to blog, I miss blogging & I miss y'all.
I wish there was an age where drama just stopped happening...
I guess 24 isnt that age, or 50 for that matter. 

I miss college. 
Not the school or the homework or the stress. (of course)
Just being around friends & doing random things every day.

I'm incredibly thankful for my family. 
and the great true friends that I have. 
I'm thankful for animals
[geez this post just got weird haha]
The other night I was having somewhat of a breakdown
[you know you've had one recently]
So I'm talking to my mom and crying, 
and my cat literally runs up to me meowing and rubbing his face on mine.
he NEVER does that.
Like I love that animals can sense when you need love.
Seriously that made everything better.

I'm going to go ahead and end this post before it gets any weirder.
This might be my most random post yet & I'm totally fine with that.

I hope everyone is having a good week. 
I'm pretty sure I lie to yall every week and promise that I'll be a better blogger 
the following week.
I'm not going to do that today. 

But I can promise you that eventually I will be better, 
once I have ONE job instead of two, I know I'll be back to my 
every day blogging self!

<3 <3 

I also got some AMAZING new arrivals in the store last night.
I mean, AMAZING.

Go take a little looksie! ;]


  1. Its hard having two jobs. I did it and it is a pain but you do what you have to do. Starting a new business is tough but I love your clothes and I love whenever you get a change to blog. Rather have a good blog post then a blah one.

    "whoever said growing up was fun, lied"

  2. Oooooh the breakdowns post college are epic. And frequent. Don't fret...things get easier? Maybe I'm lying, but they do get a little easier to tolerate. Hope things settle for you soon.