Mothers Day Fun and Dark Hair

Did you have a good Mothers Day?!

Some things never change <3
Same picture 20+ years later.

Mine was spent with family and lots of food!
Sister, Me, Mom <3 <3

And we had a little early birthday celebration for me, 
I'm turning 24 Thursday, holy crap I'm old!

Love this woman more than words can describe.


I had quite the eventful weekend and I am NOT ready for Monday.
Oh and I forgot to tell y'all, and I doubt you noticed
but I dyed my hair dark again!!
Don't worry if you didn't notice, noone ever does.
I guess because it looks so "natural" which is a good thing, right?
This is the night I actually dyed it.
What do ya think?! 
Kyle really likes it dark, so I figure I might as well keep him happy ;]



  1. Your family is way too precious!! Do you dye your hair yourself? If you do, what brand/color do you use? I always end up being a shade or two too dark! Your hair looks gorgeous!

  2. HAHA I love the recreate of the old picture! Too cute! And I love your dress! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. I love your hair dark! Totally knew it would look amazing when I suggested you go dark when you asked in a blog post! Family + food = always nice! So fun to have an early celebration!

  4. Your hair is gorgeous girl! And I LOVE that dress you're wearing. Happy early birthday!! Live it up!

  5. YAY Happy Birthday and I love the 20 years later picture. We did this for my grandmother before she passed (my cousin and I) it was priceless. LOVE IT!

  6. you are one good looking family Monica!

  7. Your hair looks great! Hope you had a very happy birthday!!