Much Needed Get Away.

This weekend I went on a staycation.
A bunch of friends all decided last minute to rent a condo in Galveston.
SO glad we did that, It was such a blast and we ALL needed a little sun & relaxation.
(prepare yourselves for lots of pictures)

Me & this kid,
5 years & going strong <3

Some of the girls!
(Buy Krissas Peace sign tank HERE.)

All of the girls! 

Now this character is one of the greatest people you will ever meet.
Always keeps me smiling! 

<3 <3

Just modeling on Kyles jeep!

Beach Volleyball winners!! 

The whole crew!!

Everyone again,
These people are seriously like family.

I had such a blast.
This whole crew used to make random roadtrips ALL the time,
after we all got real jobs it's been kind of hard
so we haven't been able to do it in a while.
THANK GOD for last minute decisions.
Hopefully all of you had a nice, long weekend!

Who watched the bachelorette last night?!
Does anyone else feel like Des got an AWFUL batch of guys?
I think I only KIND OF liked 2 of them...
Ugh hopefullyyyyyy this season gets better & the guys step up their game
because I was not impressed last night.



  1. All the pictures you were posting on insta made me so jealous! Spur of the moment trips are so fun, and I am glad you had fun! Look how tan you are girrrrl!

  2. I am LOVING that swimsuit top, woman! :)

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful getaway! :)