Weekend Fun.

This is what Friday night looked like. 
Pure happiness.

Saturday was spent out by the pool!

Here are the girls!

And the boys!

The weather was seriously amazing,
anytime i'm with these people and there's drinking involved
Corey and I always try to start doing cheerleading stunts.
He was a cheerleader in college fyi, I have never been one in my life haha.
Definitely dangerous seeing as theres only concrete to break my fall.
Well and Krissa of course! ;] 

I'm not too bad huh? ;] 

So, I need yalls advice.
hair advice to be exact.

I've started letting my hair grow out, and letting the natural color
just kind of take over.
It looks really good in pictures, but in person...
not so cute.
I can't decide if I should keep growing it out and go back to my natural color.
(light brown/dirty blonde)
Or just dye it dark brown/red again
Kyle really likes it dark, and I think I do too.
But I'm having the HARDEST time finding the perfect color.
I would LOVE for it to look like one of these

But for some reason I can never get it just right!
Should I try to get it this color??
Or go back to my natural roots?!



  1. Your hair always looks SO incredible in pictures! I can't imagine it looking anything less in person?

  2. My hair is naturally a dirty blonde that is just too dark for me. I always get highlights but I feel like at some point, I just need to dye it back to its natural hair color. If you can pull off your natural color, I say do that!! But it will look beautiful either way!

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend!!! Wish I could wear a bikini already. The weather here sucks :)

  4. I am naturally a dirty blonde but I think I look a lot better with darker hair...although my hair tends to fade pretty fast when I dye it! I think that since you and Kyle both like it darker, you should try again for dark! I can never find the perfect brown either...but Pinterest is always a really good resource! :)

    Xo, Kelsey

  5. I just want to say that thanks to your blog I have been learning english. I wouldn't say I speak english perfectly but now I realize I am understanding a lot! You have an interesting life, a great family and a great boyfriend! And I love your style.
    Have a nice week end!