Lets talk about food...and skincare...and my boutique.

Before I get started, Go buy one of these dresses!!!!

As you all know, I enjoy food. 
Eating is probably one of my favorite things to do. 

But the bad part is...
I enjoy junk food, & greasy food, & salty food.
And A LOT of it. 

Ever since I've moved back home i've noticed that my skin is different.
In a bad, bad way.
At first I blamed it on the humidity.
But then I thought about it and I did used to live here for 17 years and this didnt happen then. 

So, I finally got to thinking about what I'm doing different here than what I did in San Antonio.
Ding, Ding, Ding I'm fat & lazy.
Okay, okay, relax I know I'm not fat!
But the way I've been eating I deserve to be.

My skin has been breaking out a lot more than normal, 
and I've even been getting break outs on my body, gross.
[which never used to happen]

So I've come to the conclusion that it must be from my lack of exercising,
and my horrible diet. 
Sweat is good for your skin, and I barely work out anymore, and if I do
it's for 5 minutes. Also, my diet is absolutely horrific.
I barely eat any fruits & vegetables and chips are my main food source.
Don't hate. 

I NEVER used to eat like this in San Antonio,
mainly because I wouldnt have it around my apartment so I wouldnt go grab it.
The problem is, even when I get good food in the house all of the bad stuff is still here 
and I still tend to grab the chips, & cookies over the fruits.

I know I've talked about this multiple times before,
But obviously it's still a problem.
I could easily go get my own place and fix this, I mean I can afford it right now
but I think it would be silly because I would have to come home every day
because my boutique would still be at my parents house.

Well with all of that being said...
I'm going to TRY and start eating better & exercising more regularly.
Not so I will look super hott (that's just a bonus)
but so that my skin will benefit from it.
So here's what I need all of you to tell me...

What are your favorite healthy snacks?
What's your favorite type of fish and how do you cook it? (PLEASE TEACH ME!)
What vitamins do you suggest for better skin?

That's it! Answer those 3 questions for me and I will be your bestie for life.

Why cant everyone just be born with flawless skin like this?


Date Night Fail

Sometimes things don't go as planned,
and that's perfectly okay.

On Saturday I decided to change things up and take Kyle on a hot date.
I heard about this Drive in Movie theatre around where we live and I was SO excited.
The last time we went was in The Valley years ago, and I couldn't wait to surprise him!

We stopped on the way there to take some outfit pictures of course!

Tank: Tillys.com
Vest: UrbanOutfitters
Shorts: Pacsun
Sandals: F21
Necklace: F21
Bracelets: mixture of > Etsy, Monica's Closet Essentials, Charming Charlies
Click here to order the love bracelet

After our mini photoshoot we headed on over to the drive in!
Only to see....
A huge line of cars and a big sign that said "SOLD OUT"
Talk about disappointing...
I was SO sad!

But we still had a fun night anyways,
being lazy of course.
We're going to try and go again sometime this week when it'll be less crowded!

It's going to be even better because I'll be more prepared
with a cute little picnic set up and all! 



Dont try to take outfit pics after margarita night.

Thing I learned this weekend.
Don't try to take outfit pics after margarita night...

Seriously though...it only took about 7,328 tries to get a couple decent ones.

Top: Planet Blue
Shorts: Target
Sandals: F21

In other news...Kyle's broken.
My poor baby, he was playing basketball on Wednesday night and hurt his knee really bad.
The Dr said that he's pretty sure his ACL is torn and it might be worse than that.
He's supposed to be getting an MRI soon, so prayers are appreciated!
I know he's super bummed because his summer his pretty much over now :/
Especially if he gets surgery he's not going to be able to do much.
Fingers crossed that the doc calls and he's able to get his MRI today!

Friday my sister & brother in law came to our side of town.
We had a little family outing to the outlet mall.
Ohhhhh boy did the girls have some fun...

Kate Spade was having this amazing sale and we took FULL advantage!

I scored this adorable purse! Like I'm madly in love. 

I also scored a pretty necklace & ring. 
AND an adorable belt.
Don't worry I'm sure you'll be seeing them in a post VERY soon!


There is one awesome giveaway going on over here >>

Whitney is having a giveaway in order to
raise money for Africa. She is such a sweet girl and this is for a great cause!
So, PLEASE head on over there and show her some love!! <3


This weekend I pretended that calories didn't exist.

This weekend I pretended that calories didn't exist.
And it was glorious.

Not pictured: wings, mozzarella sticks, beer, 5 olive garden breadsticks etc...

So I guess you could say my stomach enjoyed itself this weekend.
I'm nottttttttt feeling too hot right about now though.
For some reason my jeans feel extra tight today?
It's fine. ;]

This weekend was relaxing.
Friday night Kyle & I headed over to his nanas for a delicious home cooked meal,
I know I've already told yall about her cooking skills [incredible]
and not to mention she always has delicious wine on hand.
Talk about the way to my heart. 

Saturday we had planned on doing a pub crawl with some of my girlfriends
and some mutual friends butttttttt that didn't end up working out.
I was kind of sad because I've NEVER done one.
How did I make it through college without doing a pub run or crawl?!
No clue.

Our day was spent in his living room on the couch, and it was magnificent.
I know you might think "wow yall do that every weekend"
but you're wrong. 
See, Kyle has this roommate right now...that I'm not too fond of.
Therefore every time I go over to his apt we literally have to go out of our way to avoid him.
We have NEVER sat on his couch and been lazy since he's moved in,
which was in like October.
We always have to bunker up in his room and be quiet to avoid his roommate.

So we took FULL advantage of the living room.
Brought all the blankys, and no joke watched a FOUR HOUR showing of "24"
[ Btw, that's the first time I've actually watched that show and I'm completely hooked]

We were loud and silly and weird and didn't have to worry about anyone or anything
and I was the happiest I've been in a while.
I think we got up twice.
Once to go get burgers from Prince's
and the second time to go eat chinese food.
Just kidding, we got up 3 times.
My girlfriend Liz called and was bored so we went to go get wings with her!
She was my roommate in San Antonio, and is always a "3rd wheel" Even though it doesn't feel like it.
While we were eating she says
 "I will perpetually be yalls 3rd wheel"
It made us all laugh a lot.
But her boyfriend is moving here soon which means lots of fun double dates!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Fathers Day!
I am beyond grateful for my daddy, we're going to celebrate ours a little late.
But boy do I love this guy!


What's your favorite weekly link up?!

Since my blogging game has been a tad off lately,
I've gotten to thinking...
Whyyyyy am I not making time for blogging??
Howwwww did I used to do it?!
Whatttt would I even talk about??

DUH. I used to join in on link ups!
Link ups are the best, and I can't believe I havent joined in on one in like
forever basically.

So today I'm asking all of you lovely people,
What's your favorite weekly link up?!?!?
I feel like I've been consistently blogging about 3 days a week.
So instead of using the excuse "idk what to blog about"
I can join in with yall on all of these awesome link ups!

So get to it...
tell me your favorites...
every single one of them...


A little piece of Heaven.

I don't know about you, but I have an obsession with animals.
All kinds really.
Especially Giraffes, Dolphins, and Pomeranians, 
Those are my top 3. 

For the longest time I've been beggingggg Kyle to take me to this "african safari" 
that's between San Antonio and New Braunfels.
Well, he FINALLY took me!!!

Top: Target
Vest: F21
Shorts: A&F (old)
Sandals: F21
Jewelry: F21

Awkward picture, it's whatever <3


Talk about love at first sight.
This zebra couldn't take her eyes off Kyle.
(I feel ya girlfriend)

And this is where my happiness/joy/excitement cup overflowed


Justttt having lunch with a friend. No big deal.

If this picture isnt full of happiness Idk what is.
We had a blast, if you're ever in the San Antonio/Austin area you should go!
You can drive through as many times as you want and it's not pricey at all.
Only $18 for an adult and they give you a bag of food for free, & additional bags are only $1!

After this we headed straight back to Houston,
A 4 hour drive after sweating and getting drooled on by wild animals
(don't worry I washed my hands)
definitely won't make you feel like the prettiest girl in the world.
But it was allllllll worth it, 
I'm so glad we decided to go!


Home away from Home.

This weekend I was THRILLED to be going to San Antonio.

Top: Forever21
Shorts: Pacsun
Booties: Charlotte Russe
Purse: Forever21
Bracelets: InPink

Ever since Kyle and I have been living back in Houston things have been different.
We live about an hour away from each other and he's got a big boy job,
and I've got myself 2 jobs and we just don't get to see each other as often.
Which has really taken a toll on us. 
Thankfully one of my best friends (anna) was throwing a party for her daughters 1st birthday!
So we got to take a little road trip back to the place we spent the last 5 years together!

Seriously as soon as we entered San Antonio I was overwhelmed with happiness.
Being back brought so many GOOD memories & I seriously didn't want to leave.
(even though we've only been gone a couple months)
After the birthday celebration Kyle & I headed to our favorite little restaurant
where we used to be regulars. 

The food is alright but the margaritas are incredible.
We walked in and sat in our usual spot at the bar
There was this guy in a hawaiian shirt sitting by himself a chair down from us
 Of course Kyle just had to start up a conversation with him (which I kind of adore)
 We ended up talking to this guy the entire time
Haha We seriously made his day.
 He was quite a character & was absolutely thrilled that we talked to him the whole time.
We ended up having to leave in a hurry in order not to miss our movie that we
were planning on going too!
The guy was so sweet when we were leaving, saying how we are such great people, 
he even blew me a kiss and gave us both handshakes,
you could totally tell he wanted to hug us haha.

We headed to the movies and were both SO excited to go see
 "The Internship". OMG yall, such a great movie!
We were laughing so hard... you should def go see it!

After the movies we headed to another one of our "go to" restaurants, Outback Steakhouse,
because of course Kyle was hungry again.
[I honestly don't know how I'm not 50 lbs overweight just from dating him]

It was nice being at our home away from home.
It's funny how just being in a certain area makes you act/feel completely different.
We had a pretty good time while we were there & I'm actually going back next weekend
for my cousins graduation!
that's not all the fun we had this weekend though...
You'll see what we did on Sunday tomorrow!
<3 <3


Things I'm loving right now.

Random things I'm absolutely loving at the moment.

Bright colored pumps.
I recently bought these 2 & wore the pinkish pair on my birthday!
Forever 21, you never disappoint.

Denim Vests.
Okay, I've been wanting to buy one for the LONGEST time.
But I never could quite find just what I wanted.
Scored this baby at F21. (of course)
You'll see an outfit post of me wearing it VERY soon.

Gold Jewelry.
Every single piece of jewelry i've bought the last few months has been GOLD.
I'm weirdly obsessed right now and I have no clue why.
Maybe because it goes with everything & 
makes you look fancy even when you're dressed casual.
yup, that's why.

The Show "Girl Code"

Okay, I don't know about yall but I find this show HILARIOUS.
So many things are so true, sometimes they take things too far.
but overall I find myself laughing hysterically, & I love every minute of it. 

High-waisted shorts.
I'm officially one of those girls.
Well kind of, but not really.
My body is kind of weird so I never thought I would be able to be one of those girls,
Until I got this pair for my store, & fell madly in love.
You can buy them > Here.
I also just bought a pair of denim ones online at UrbanOutfitters.
Fingers crossed that they fit and don't make me like 8 months pregnant.

There's a lot of other things I'm loving right now...
Like ranch dip, & Snickers ice cream bars.
But I won't go into detail about those.

Have a fabulous day my pretty little ladies!
And make sure you've liked my facebook page 
because there's new arrivals going up tonight at the best little boutique ever.



Death Stares & Fat Sweats.

Remind me to NEVER eat at Popeyes in this outfit again.
Not only did I get a food baby & the fat sweats,
I also got death stares from every female from the moment I walked in until we left.

Top: Tillys.com
Skirt: Monica's Closet Essentials
Bracelets: Etsy/Charming Charlies
Necklace: F21
Sandals: F21

You can't leave Louisiana without grabbin' some Popeyes first!

Kyle & I headed back to Houston From Louisiana Friday afternoon.
You may be thinking "that outfits a little nice for a road trip"
and you're right, I thought we were going to spend the day in Louisiana doing things,
but we didnt...
and that skirt yall...heaven on your butt. no jokes.
[I'm completely sold out of smalls except for some tie dye ones,
I'm wearing a medium in the picture & I have a lot of larges left!]
After 5 hours of being on the road we were FINALLY back in Houston.
We went and met with some friends for dinner.

Of course these are the only pictures I managed to take.
Boys never want anything to do with pictures anyways!
We had a fun little dinner & went out afterwards.
Kyle & I didn't stay long because I was literally
having hot flashes like a 60 year old woman,
 this maxi skirt isnt the best thing to wear
to a crowded bar in Houstons 90 degree weather and ridiculous humidity. 
But hey it was fun while it lasted!

On Saturday Kyle and I enjoyed a little R&R 
all day long. 
We literally didn't move, besides when Kyle sacrificed & got up to make us a frozen pizza.
Which was pretty freakin' delicious.

Overall I had an awesome weekend!
I'm really excited about next weekend because Kyle & I are headed to San Antonio,
the place we met/spent the last 5 years together.
We're going for one of my best friends daughters 1st birthday!
Yaaaaay! It's going to be so much fun!

Have a great day ladies


A little baby vacation.

Kyle needed to go to Louisiana for work last Friday,
so he decided to take me with him! 
We left Thursday afternoon & had a fun little roadtrip just the 2 of us. 
Those are always the best, because a lot of bonding gets done.
As well as some incredibly loud singing and strange dance moves.

I'm a little obsessed with this outfit that I threw together.
Floral + Camo is my new absolute favorite!

Floral Top: Monica's Closet Essentials
Camo Button Up: F21
Shorts: 5-7-9 (old)
Sandals: F21
Bracelets: Charming Charlies

We got there just in time for some margaritas the size of Texas.
They were huge.
We got the "mediums" and I could barely finish it...and I'm a margarita drinker!

Some more great bonding happened and then we headed off to the hotel.
Kyle had to work from 10-2 the next day while my job was to find something fun 
for us to do after he was done.
Unfortunately Kyle was feeling sick after work, and we got dinner invitations
back home so we just decided to head back. 
It was still a fun trip though even though we didn't really do anything.
Time with that boy is always great <3

I'll fill yall in on the rest of my weekend tomorrow! ;]
Happy Monday!