Death Stares & Fat Sweats.

Remind me to NEVER eat at Popeyes in this outfit again.
Not only did I get a food baby & the fat sweats,
I also got death stares from every female from the moment I walked in until we left.

Top: Tillys.com
Skirt: Monica's Closet Essentials
Bracelets: Etsy/Charming Charlies
Necklace: F21
Sandals: F21

You can't leave Louisiana without grabbin' some Popeyes first!

Kyle & I headed back to Houston From Louisiana Friday afternoon.
You may be thinking "that outfits a little nice for a road trip"
and you're right, I thought we were going to spend the day in Louisiana doing things,
but we didnt...
and that skirt yall...heaven on your butt. no jokes.
[I'm completely sold out of smalls except for some tie dye ones,
I'm wearing a medium in the picture & I have a lot of larges left!]
After 5 hours of being on the road we were FINALLY back in Houston.
We went and met with some friends for dinner.

Of course these are the only pictures I managed to take.
Boys never want anything to do with pictures anyways!
We had a fun little dinner & went out afterwards.
Kyle & I didn't stay long because I was literally
having hot flashes like a 60 year old woman,
 this maxi skirt isnt the best thing to wear
to a crowded bar in Houstons 90 degree weather and ridiculous humidity. 
But hey it was fun while it lasted!

On Saturday Kyle and I enjoyed a little R&R 
all day long. 
We literally didn't move, besides when Kyle sacrificed & got up to make us a frozen pizza.
Which was pretty freakin' delicious.

Overall I had an awesome weekend!
I'm really excited about next weekend because Kyle & I are headed to San Antonio,
the place we met/spent the last 5 years together.
We're going for one of my best friends daughters 1st birthday!
Yaaaaay! It's going to be so much fun!

Have a great day ladies


  1. You look FANTASTIC! And I'm giggling a little imagining the popeye's scene! People would do just about anything to look like you! You do whatever you want!! Such an adorable outfit!! We also didn't move on Saturday and it was G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S!

  2. Let those ladies stare cuz you look dang good girl! :) Love the outfit!

  3. That outfit is seriously adorable.


  5. OMGGG in love with your outfit! Quit being the cutest! Or at least teach me your ways, thanks!

    Xo, Kelsey

  6. Love the outfit! What type of bra do you wear with it? I always tend to not buy anything like that because I never know what to wear underneath.


  7. I love that outfit! That maxi skirt is so freaking adorable, bummer it is sold out in small! Dang it!