This weekend I pretended that calories didn't exist.

This weekend I pretended that calories didn't exist.
And it was glorious.

Not pictured: wings, mozzarella sticks, beer, 5 olive garden breadsticks etc...

So I guess you could say my stomach enjoyed itself this weekend.
I'm nottttttttt feeling too hot right about now though.
For some reason my jeans feel extra tight today?
It's fine. ;]

This weekend was relaxing.
Friday night Kyle & I headed over to his nanas for a delicious home cooked meal,
I know I've already told yall about her cooking skills [incredible]
and not to mention she always has delicious wine on hand.
Talk about the way to my heart. 

Saturday we had planned on doing a pub crawl with some of my girlfriends
and some mutual friends butttttttt that didn't end up working out.
I was kind of sad because I've NEVER done one.
How did I make it through college without doing a pub run or crawl?!
No clue.

Our day was spent in his living room on the couch, and it was magnificent.
I know you might think "wow yall do that every weekend"
but you're wrong. 
See, Kyle has this roommate right now...that I'm not too fond of.
Therefore every time I go over to his apt we literally have to go out of our way to avoid him.
We have NEVER sat on his couch and been lazy since he's moved in,
which was in like October.
We always have to bunker up in his room and be quiet to avoid his roommate.

So we took FULL advantage of the living room.
Brought all the blankys, and no joke watched a FOUR HOUR showing of "24"
[ Btw, that's the first time I've actually watched that show and I'm completely hooked]

We were loud and silly and weird and didn't have to worry about anyone or anything
and I was the happiest I've been in a while.
I think we got up twice.
Once to go get burgers from Prince's
and the second time to go eat chinese food.
Just kidding, we got up 3 times.
My girlfriend Liz called and was bored so we went to go get wings with her!
She was my roommate in San Antonio, and is always a "3rd wheel" Even though it doesn't feel like it.
While we were eating she says
 "I will perpetually be yalls 3rd wheel"
It made us all laugh a lot.
But her boyfriend is moving here soon which means lots of fun double dates!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Fathers Day!
I am beyond grateful for my daddy, we're going to celebrate ours a little late.
But boy do I love this guy!


  1. LOL! Sounds like you had a good weekend! The food looks yummy :)

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

  2. A good weekend starts with good food...just saying : ) Looks soooo good!

    Xo, Kelsey

  3. Sounds kind of like my weekend! We laid around all yesterday... and by "we" I really mean "I" :) And I had a fatty Saturday... at first I wasn't worried about it, but now I feel the change in my pants, haha.

  4. I wish I had your calorie-less weekend #omnomnom haha Sometimes those lazy weekends are just what you need to re-energize you for life so it's allllllll good :)

  5. haha. that sounds like the best weekend ever! i love foooood! i agree with the ugly feeling you get after you completely stuff yourself...oh well, tomorrow's a new day ;)