What's your favorite weekly link up?!

Since my blogging game has been a tad off lately,
I've gotten to thinking...
Whyyyyy am I not making time for blogging??
Howwwww did I used to do it?!
Whatttt would I even talk about??

DUH. I used to join in on link ups!
Link ups are the best, and I can't believe I havent joined in on one in like
forever basically.

So today I'm asking all of you lovely people,
What's your favorite weekly link up?!?!?
I feel like I've been consistently blogging about 3 days a week.
So instead of using the excuse "idk what to blog about"
I can join in with yall on all of these awesome link ups!

So get to it...
tell me your favorites...
every single one of them...


  1. Sunday Social & Oh How Pinteresting are two of my faves!

  2. I am new to blogging and I love linking up to Five on Fridays with Hello Happiness! Great way to find new blogs to stalk :)

  3. Oh gosh.. you mean I have to narrow it down?!
    I absolutely love Tuesday Topics with Lauren & Tiffany, What I'm Loving Wednesday with Sarah!!

  4. Umm. That last comment is not right.. What I'm loving Wednesday with Jamie, and Happies & Crappies with Sarah.

  5. I have a link-up every Wednesday if you want to check it out!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  6. I've been wanting to start up a blog so bad lately!! Where do I even start? Help:). Maybe you can do a tips on blogging- Tuesday Tips? Something like that? Everyone can follow me on Instgram for now:) JSCAL4 <3

  7. I just started a thrifted thursday link up if you'd like to join. :)