Shop my Closet; Blog Sale!!!

I've been trying to clean out my closet for a while and I FINALLY
got around to doing it!

Most items are size small!
Here are my measurements to help you get an idea of how the item will fit on you!
Height: 5'5
Weight: 115-118
Bust: 34
Waist: 26
Hips: 34

If you are interested in buying send me an email!

This sweater is freaking adorable & I love it more than anything.
The only reason I'm selling it is because it's too short for me,
I reallyyyyy wanted it to be baggy and loose but as you can see in the middle picture it's not.
So if you're shorter or don't mind it not being long it's yours!
Worn once.
Asking $25

This adorable white blazer has never left my house!
I only wore it to take pictures and pretend like I was going somewhere cool.
I love it but the shoulders are just a little too big on me.
The tag says XS but I think it fits more like a small.
Asking $20

This gorgeous maxi has also only been worn once!
It looks SO SO cute with a denim shirt tied up over it!
Need proof? fine.
It is ridiculously soft and comfy!
Asking $15

Okay so I'm selling BOTH of these tops.
I'm not crazy about the sleeves on the polka dot, it's short sleeve but they're kind of
"ruffly" but if you're planning on just layering things over it like me then you're golden!

The black button up was my life for a while, it's great for work events when you need to hide sleeveless tops or just for layering!
Asking $12 for each

I LIVED in this top last summer & fall.
Like I was obsessed with it which is why I am giving it to someone else.
It needs a new home. 
It can be worn "off the shoulder" or how I'm wearing it.
It has teeny stain/spots on the right side of the chest but it's hardly noticeable.
Asking $8

I wore this adorable dress on Mothers day this year!
The belt isn't included and it's basically brand new.
Asking $20

I'm still cleaning so I'll probably post more items later this week & 
next week so make sure you keep coming back!
<3 <3
Happy hump day!


Comfort food & clothes!

I've been a little stressed the past few days...
So I comforted myself.

Thanks Papa Johns, you always hit the spot.

As most of you know Kyle tore his ACL a few weeks ago and needs surgery.
[huge bummer]
His surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday the 6th, and he'll pretty much be
completely worthless for a while after surgery. 
He's got a golf tournament out of town this weekend though that he plays in with his family every year.
Thank God he isn't going to miss that!
& of course we've also got to fit in a hot date night sometime this week!

Today I am going to clean the heckkkk out of my closet!
I'm trying to decide if I should just take everything to Platos Closet/GoodWill
or if I should do a little sale here on the blog?
What do yall think??

Speaking of sales, I've got a HUGE sale going on at my boutique right now!
20% off ALL summer dresses!!
Don't miss out!!


Big Decisions, Big Changes, Big Smiles.

Words can't even express how excited I was Wednesday afternoon.
I finally did it yall, I put in my two weeks and I will officially be doing my boutique
full time starting August 11th. 

I've been wanting to quit my other job for a while now,
but that was quite a big decision for me to make.
I thought about it long and hard and decided that it was time.
As soon as I told my boss it was like a huge wave of relief just hit me.
She was amazing and was so happy for me.
As soon as I got in my car I started laughing, I was literally overflowing with joy.
I feel like that's so weird that I started laughing? But I was seriously just ecstatic!
I told Kyle first and he was so excited for me, he has seriously been SO supportive with my boutique.
I can FINALLY focus whole heartedly on my store, and I'm going to have so much
more time to focus on this blog that I've so sadly betrayed for the last few months.

My last day is August 10th and there will definitely be some sort of
celebration happening that evening! 

Since we are on this topic I might as well show yall some fabulous new arrivals.
Just click the picture and it'll take you straight to the website to order. ;]

These high-waisted shorts are the cutest, and will seriously fit your body like a glove!

This dress is so perfect for summer OR fall! Loving the stripes and the mint color!

This dress is SOOO cute and unique for fall!! Love it.

The color of this maxi dress is so stunning person! Such a pretty peach color!

This skirt y'all...omg GORGEOUS.

Okay that's all the new arrivals I'll share today, even though we have lots more!
I love all of you ladies, especially the ones that have stopped by just about every day
and left sweet comments on my boring posts that appear once or twice a week.
Yall are amazing and I hope you know that, and 
I can't wait to be a consistent blogger again!


"I got a little drunk last night..."

You always gotta do a mirror selfie before leaving in case there's no time for real pics.
And I usually end up liking the mirror pics better than the real ones...oh well.

Top: Monica's Closet Essentials (more coming soon)
Shorts: H&M
Sandals: F21
Bag: DailyLook.com

Friday night was college all over again, except with my best friends from High school.
It was basically a triple date night except 2 people werent actually dating, but whatever.
We started out at this place called "Crisps" which was a pretty cool restaurant!
The food was amazinggggggggg!
I was definitely sportin' a food baby the rest of the night.

After we stuffed ourselves we went on the hunt for a piano bar, those are our fav!
We finally found one and it was AWESOME.

We had WAY too much fun.
I haven't stayed up that late, or drank that much in quite some time!
But I definitely needed a night like that after being a grandma for so long!

<3 <3 


So baby why don't we just dance?

Top: Dailylook.com
Shorts: Pacsun
Sandals: F21

There's one thing you need to know about Kyle...
He's not a dancer.

And no I don't mean grinding at the club kind of dancer, I'm not one of those either!
I mean two step, country boy, grab your hand and twirl around kind of dancer.
I LOVE that kind of dancing.
But I'm absolutely awful at it because I never get the chance to do it.
That's always been a HUGE disappointment for me.
I've spent the last 5 years of mine & Kyle's relationship 
BEGGING him to dance with me.
Yes there's been a wedding where he had a few drinks and let loose on the dance floor with me.
Yes, he'll dance with me in the privacy of one of our homes, but NEVER in public.

And last weekend my friends...
Kyle Reagan, MY Kyle Reagan promised that he would start dancing with me after he is all healed up from his knee surgery.
Kyle isnt the type to not keep a promise.
I'm not sure what came over him but I don't think I stopped smiling the rest of the night.

Which reminds me I forgot to keep yall updated about his knee.
His ACL is torn and something else is wrong too 
(I can't remember, whoops)
but he's getting surgery on August 6...or 4th...geez I sound like a bad girlfriend.
He'll be out for a while after surgery which is a huge bummer.
But I also just found out WE'RE going on a CRUISE!!
omg omg omg.
I'm so dang excited but I really hope Kyle is able to move around by then!
We're not going until the end of September so cross your fingers! 

I havent been on a cruise since high school so I am so so so happy!
I'm sad though because I would totally make kyle take all of those dance classes with me,
but I know his knee won't be good enough to do that :/ 
I guess that just means he's gotta make up for lost time once he's healed...
oh boyyyyy is he in for it...

Hope all of you have a wonderful day!


A Day in the Country

On Saturday I had the time of my life.
A group of us all went to "A Day in the Country" at the Woodlands Pavillion.

There was a bunch of different country artists performing and I was beyond excited.

It was suchhhhh a pretty day too, it was pretty hot but once the sun
went down it was absolutely perfect!

Just me and my best friend.

My siser and my brother in law were there also!
They had real seats though and we were in the lawn.
But they came and sat by us for a little bit!! 
Love my sissy!

Kyle's little sister Michelle & I!

Could this girl be any more gorgeous?
She's also 6 ft tall...Uh model material? I'm thinking yes.

Oh, and then there's little ol' me!
You know it's a good day when you've got 
country music,  popcorn, dosxx, and the sun shining in your face.

 And meet one of my best friends, Claire.
I met her in college & we were always acquaintances until senior year, we totally fell in love.
In a non lesbian kind of way. 
I was SO excited that she was able to come and we mayyyyyy be living together in the near future!

Well hello there handsome! 

It was such a fun day.
Country music concerts are by far my most favorite things to attend.