A Day in the Country

On Saturday I had the time of my life.
A group of us all went to "A Day in the Country" at the Woodlands Pavillion.

There was a bunch of different country artists performing and I was beyond excited.

It was suchhhhh a pretty day too, it was pretty hot but once the sun
went down it was absolutely perfect!

Just me and my best friend.

My siser and my brother in law were there also!
They had real seats though and we were in the lawn.
But they came and sat by us for a little bit!! 
Love my sissy!

Kyle's little sister Michelle & I!

Could this girl be any more gorgeous?
She's also 6 ft tall...Uh model material? I'm thinking yes.

Oh, and then there's little ol' me!
You know it's a good day when you've got 
country music,  popcorn, dosxx, and the sun shining in your face.

 And meet one of my best friends, Claire.
I met her in college & we were always acquaintances until senior year, we totally fell in love.
In a non lesbian kind of way. 
I was SO excited that she was able to come and we mayyyyyy be living together in the near future!

Well hello there handsome! 

It was such a fun day.
Country music concerts are by far my most favorite things to attend.

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  1. 1. You, your family, Kyles family, and your friends are all gorgeous. How is that possible? haha. 2. I am so jealous of all your country-concert going.

    Xo, Kelsey