Cleanin' Out My Closet...Literally.

I NEVER imagined myself rocking the high waisted shorts trend, 
but it's totally happening.

You can get this cute little ensemble from my boutique!

Today will consist of cleaning & organizing...and a lot of it.
Right now my boutique is in the guest bedroom of my parents house,
and I FINALLY convinced them to let me put the bed in storage
so everything won't be so cluttered in there & I can work my magic and make it look fabulous.
Buttttt my whole life is in storage right now and I'm not too sure if the bed will fit.
Therefore I also have to clean out the storage to make it happen.
I know yall don't care about the process...I'm just SO freaking excited to show yall
a before and after picture! Eeeeeeeep! 
Hopefully I get a lot accomplished todayyyyyy, because Lord knows it won't happen this weekend.

Oh & guess what yall?
I worked out AGAIN yesterday!
Kyle thinks I must be sick...working out 2 days in a row...
Yesterdays work out was a little easier than Mondays.
I absolutely HATE working out my legs, because they are so weak.
Which means I obviously need to work them out way more often,
so when it's "leg day" [ugh I hate using those terms]
I take it down a notch on cardio.

So here's what I did.

walk/warm up: 2 minutes
Jog/run: 10 minutes

Work Out
15 lunges on each leg with 10lb weights
15 dead lifts with 10 lb weights
15 squats with 10 lb weights
50 calf raises with 10 lb weights

Then repeated the work out 2 more times.
I took it easy since I die when I work out my legs.

What are yall doing for the 4th?! 
I don't have huge plans yet, hopefully watching the fireworks somewhere with my love!


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  1. You can totally rock those shorts! Super cute!
    Love your blog :)